BITCH>>Betsy>>Bitch - USA

Be My Slave - 1983 - Metal Blade
The Bitch Is Back - 1987 - Metal Blade
Betsy - 1988 - Metal Blade
A Rose By Any Other Name - 1989 - Metal Blade


S= The Boxing Boys, Bet-z>>BETSY WEISS>>Bet-z, Witch
G= Badaxe, Norman>>DAVE CARRUTH>>Norman - Billy King
B= Molten Leaather>>Mark Anthony Wells - Overkill>>RON CORDY>>War Party
D= Robby Settles


Betsy Weiss, the leather-clad front woman of Bitch, had absorbed much influence from the likes of Alice Cooper and The Runaways. The Bitch name was actually a suggestion of guitarist Carruth, who would also be Betsy’s boyfriend/husband. Incidentally, drummer Settles would later marry Weiss’ sister! Badaxe also featured Dana Strum who would go on to play in Slaughter. Betsy-fronted Bitch (or is that Bitch-fronted Bitch?) changed monikers to Betsy to be more accessible and sell more records. When the band sold fewer records than before, the band reverted to Bitch!

Betsy Weiss was originally a ska singer in the band The Boxing Boys circa 1980. The band appeared on the LA scene with a 1982 EP called Damnation Alley. This EP was self-financed. Bitch also appeared on a compilation called The Sound Of Hollywood Girls from which a 7" EP was culled. Betsy also planned a project called Bet-z, but eventually canned the idea.

Bitch got off an S&M image and was often described as having a rough 'n ready Motörhead sound. One of the records is obviously released under the Betsy monicker.

In late 2002 Bitch reappeared on the street and was booked at the Bang Your Head Festival. This would be the band's first European show. The reformed band also contributed a song called Infatuation to the Metal Blade anniversary compilation. The band confirmed a one-off show in Los Angeles at Roxy on October 10th, 2006. The band also played a one-off show at Paladino’s in Tarzana, California in 2007. Singer Betsy joined Witch in September of 2008. The band had last disbanded in 1991.

Bitch appeared at the Keep It True XIV festival, which was held April 29-30, 2011 in Germany, with the band Anger As Art backing singer Betsy. Robby Settles had died due to cancer in 2010.