Black Altar – 2004 – Christhunt
Death Fanaticism – 2008 - Odium


S= Kriegsgott, Raus!>>SHADOW [DAREK SIERADZKI]>>Kriegsgott, Raus!
G= Aeon>>Lord Von Skaven>>Aeon - Gorycz, Non Opus Dei, Aeon>>Horizon>>Gorycz, Non Opus Dei, Aeon
B= Kriegsgott, Raus!>>SHADOW [DAREK SIERADZKI]>>Kriegsgott, Raus!
D= Aeon>>Antichrist>>Aeon, Kriegsgott


The band was founded in 1996 and issued a demo, called Na Uroczysku..., in 1998. Odium Records issued the band’s Wrath Ov The Gods EP. The same was issued as a split with Vesania. Christhunt Productions signed the group and issued its debut. Darker Than Black Records issued the Suicidal Salvation EP in 2013. To celebrate its 21st anniversary, polish black metallers Black Altar were releasing a split with Beastcraft featuring 12 hymns in 2017. Beastcraft Occult Ceremonial Rites/Black Altar Winds Ov Decay was out in November through Odium Records.

After 14 years since the last line-up change Black Altar was no longer a one-man project in 2018. Shadow (bass, vocals) was joined by M.A. (guitar, vocals), E.R. (drums) – both from Ondskapt, and T.R. (guitar) from Spirits Way. After a split with Beastcraft the new line-up began work on a mini-album called Nekromantic Revelations.

Shadow owns Odium Records.



Black Altar