Liars, Killers, & Master Thieves - 2004 - Iron Glory

Blacklyst image
S= Shadowcaster>>Rich Hessil>>Shadowcaster

G= Venus Pigtrap, Intoxicated Madness, Triangle>>ADRIAN MARSHALL NEUENDORF - Gravel>>JIMI ANGEL

B= Prophecy, Triangle>>MARK SCHWENK

D= Amulance, Tarpian>>Eric Wedow

History & Biography
Blacklyst initially featured two former Amulance members in guitarist Bob Luman and drummer Eric Wedow. The band was formed in Aurora, Illinois in 1990. The band played locally for four years before relocating to Miami, Florida. This stay lasted for four years and the band returned to its home state in 1998. Luman, however left before the band got to the recording of the album.

The band signed to Germany's Iron Glory Records and recorded an album called Liars, Killers, & Master Thieves. Wedow left following the recording citing inability to tour.

Gravel would later turn into Venus Pigtrap. Hessil was also the guitarist for Shadowcaster.