Sands Of Time - 2003 - Limb
Silent Company - 2005 - Limb
Tomorrowland - 2007 - Limb
In Your Honour - 2010 - Limb
Stargazer - 2012 – Limb
Cross Of Thorns – 2015 - Pride & Joy
Children Of The Abyss – 2018 – Pride & Joy

G= Arkaya, Cyclone Tracy>>STEVE JANEVSKI>>Cyclone Tracy - Arkaya, Catwitch, Pegazus>>HANNY MOHAMMED>>Pegazus
B= Paramãecium, The Eternal, Desolate Eternity>>Mark Kelson>>The Eternal, Desolate Eternity, Alternative 4, Rainshadow – Taramis, Amethyst, Luthor, Steve Turner Band, Vulvagun, Mechanical Organic, Eyefear>>EVAN HARRIS>>Eyefear
D= 666, Menhir, Kryptor>>Pavel Konvalinka>>Kryptor - BEN WIGNALL

The power metal act was formed in 2002 and issued a demo called Sands Of Time. This demo was the basis for the band’s debut. Iron Savior's Pete Sielck produced Silent Company. In 2004, Pegazus was dropped by Nuclear Blast Records and lost bassist Hanny who would concentrate on Black Majesty instead. Tomorrowland had some international touring support including Wacken Open Air. Black Majesty picked In Your Honour as the title for its 2010 album. The band had played as opening act for Paul Di’Anno in 2009. Masterplan’s Roland Grapow would mix the album at his Grapow studio in Slovakia. The album was due for release through Germany's Limb Music in the spring. The band releases a new album, Stargazer, on July 20th, 2012 through Limb Music. Australia-based Black Majesty’s Children Of The Abyss was out through Pride & Joy Music on the 21st of September. It was produced by Roland Grapow.



Black Majesty