Gloria Diaboli - 2005 - Blasphemy
Nemesis - 2007 - Open Grave
Enthroned Legion – 2019 - Mutilation

Blackmass image
S= Magus Dux Adramelech – Opus Inferii, Furiatak, Insamnum>>VINTRAS

G= Kreditor, Pactum>>LORD AESHMA [MARCELLO ADRIANO] – Alocer, Evilwar, Impetus Maleficum, Aqueronte, Svatan, Great Vast Forest>>D. KATHARSIS [FERNANDO]>>Svatan, Great Vast Forest

B= Magus Dux Adramelech – Opus Inferii>>ONDSKA>>Opus Inferii

D= Verberibus Necare [Bruno Solheid]>>Aqueronte, Storm Front 88, Bullet Course – Pillars Of Empire, Amen Corner, Archityrants>>Danda [Brito Anderson]>>Pillars Of Empire, Archityrants

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2001 by guitarist/bassist Lord Aeshma and issued a demo called Diabolic Ritual in 2002. This was followed up by the independent EP, Episcolum, Servo Servorum Satanii, which featured drummer Verberibus Necar. Signing to Blasphemy Productions the trio issued a full-length, which a year later was licensed by Canada’s Sinister Sounds, which was operated by Larry Lava who hosted a metal radio show in Saskatoon. The group signed with Open Grave Productions in 2007. Magus left in 2008. The band became silent until 2014’s Halls Of Condemnation demo. Katharsis had joined on bass in 2012, but switched to guitar a year later. Vintras was handling the vocals and bass, but abandoned the strings in 2015. Vocalist Fernando joined in 2017. Enthroned Legion was available in late 2019. Bassist Nero Shaitan and drummer W.A.G. joined in 2021.


The debut album of the Brazilian blasphemers might have more incantations and backward messages than Deicide’s entire back catalogue, but it is to Marduk that the group owes its musical allegiance. Declaring war on all that is holy and pious the trio of Magus Dux Adramelech, Lord Aeshma and Verberibus Necare go for the jugular with such blasting ferocity that no man could stand upright before the onslaught. Chanting in English and Latin and screeching in the language of black/death metal Blackmass is an absolutely serene suggestion for fans of Marduk, Blasphemy and Vital Remains. The disc loses around ten points due to the less than optimal production and amping; otherwise if the original release through Blasphemy Records passed you by then do not make the same mistake again. - Ali “The Metallian”