Boogie Star>>Black ‘n’ Blue>>Wet Engine>>BLACK ‘N’ BLUE - USA

Black 'N' Blue - 1984 - Geffen
Without Love - 1985 - Geffen
Nasty Nasty - 1986 - Geffen
One Night Only - Live - 1987 - Geffen
In Heat - 1988 - Geffen
Live In Detroit 1984 - 2001 - Z
Hell Yeah! - 2011 - Frontiers

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Kevin Wet, Movie Star, Wild Dogs, Warrant, Let It Rawk>>JAIME ST. JAMES>>Mad House, Cold Gin, Solo, Warrant, Let It Rawk

Movie Star>>Tommy Thayer>>Solo, Cold Gin, Kiss - JEFF WARNER - SHAWN SONNENSCHEIN

Patrick Young>>Don Dokken - Don Dokken>>PATRICK YOUNG

Black Symphony, MSG, Malice, Monster, WWIII>>PETER HOLMES>>Monster, Black Symphony, MSG, Malice, WWIII

History & Biography
Formed in Portland on the US West Coast and influenced by Van Halen where they got the moniker from, the band moved to LA and began releasing courtesy of the infamous German Dieter Dierks and the more infamous Gene Simmons on the knobs. The band had had a demo produced by Don Dokken.

The band played party-oriented hard rock and broke up in 1989. Cold Gin was predictably a Kiss tribute band. The vocalist and his solo band were based out of Ohio.

The original Black 'n' Blue members Jaime St. James, Jeff Warner, Patrick Young and drummer Pete Holmes reunited in 2003 to record a new album for Z Records. Z Records would release older live material and a demo anthology of the band as well. Thayer was not part of the fold. He earned his keep in Kiss. St. James joined Warrant in early 2004. Crash Music issued a rarities album of the band on April 24th, 2007. The album featured a collection of rare and live tracks from the band's back catalogue.

Black 'N Blue would reform for a one-off show with Tommy Thayer, Jaime St. James, Jeff Warner, Pete Holmes and Patrick Young and for the Oregon Music Hall Of Fame. Black 'N Blue was one of the inductees at the 2010 event. The ceremony took place on October 9th at Roseland Theater in Portland. Frontiers Records announced the release of a new album by Black 'N Blue called Hell Yeah! on May 13th almost 27 years after the group’s last! The band was Jaime St. James - vocals, Jef "Woop" Warner and Shawn Sonnenschein - guitar, Patrick Young - bass and Pete Holmes - drums. The album was first promised for 2003 and then 2008. The group was active again and booked for Monsters Of Rock Cruise in 2024.



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