Black River - 2008 - Mystic
Black'N'Roll - 2009 - Mystic
Humanoid – 2019 - Mystic

Black River image
S= Testor, Geisha Goner, Neolithic, Rootwater>>MACIEK TAFF>>Rootwater
G= Neolithic, Kayzen>>PIOTR "KAY" WTULICH>>Kayzen – Neolithic, Soulburners, Holdys Kosmos, The Stray>>ARTUR "ART" KEMPA>>Soulburners, Holdys Kosmos, The Stray
B= Neolithic, Vesania, Behemoth>>TOMASZ 'ORION' WROBLEWSKI>>Behemoth, Vesania
D= Neolithic, Vesania, Sunwheel, Dimmu Borgir, Vader, Symbolical, Hunter, Crystal Abyss, Breathing Hell>>DAREK 'DARAY' BRZOZOWSKI>>Vesania, Dimmu Borgir, Symbolical, Hunter, Crystal Abyss, Breathing Hell

Black River began flowing in 2008 in Warsaw and soon thereafter recorded its first album. The group is simply the follow-up to the dissolved Neolithic. The group issued its album through Poland's Mystic. The same label featured Neolithic and Hunter on its roster. Album number two was licensed by Eagle Rock for North America. The band shot two videos for the album as well. The group issued a sampler called Trash in 2010. Earlier Taff's illness had forced cancellations in touring. The band was broken up in 2010 and returned in 2018. The line-up had not changed. Black Box was another sampler in 2018.

The band follows a hard rock pattern, but features members from several extreme Polish acts including the white supremacist Sunwheel.


This album is hell of a surprise. With an unknown name, an album without publicity and a style reminiscent of Danzig, Black Label Society and Monster Magnet one would think the band is American... wrong. Black River is Polish. What’s more with a style like that it is a wonder that the band appeals so much... but they do.
This band is high-octane powerful hard rock and has so many good riffs it is a wonder. The album begins with Barf Bag (a 'tribute to Diamond Darrell a.k.a. Dime Bag?) and what a powerful song it is. The bassist really shines here. Isabel ('Eeeez-ah-behel') is one up-tempo rocker, but were I her I wouldn’t get too excited until I read the lyrics or fast forwarded nine songs to the track, Like A Bitch! Lucky In Hell begins with riff that is bastardized from Kiss’ Heaven’s On Fire. Great song though! The title track is next and it is such a barnstormer that it ends in half the time. Next is Too Far Away, which again is vintage Black River (funny statement given my degree of knowledge on these guys). It is powerful, catchy, loud and blessed with a solid sound. Morphine is a good song, but only worth mentioning because it reminds one too much of the dick Danzig. Hopefully, the band does not have an affinity for that douche.
The album’s ending is a track called Free Man that repeatedly takes one back to The Cult, but upon closer inspection ends up being from the band’s self-titled debut album.
The style is normally of no appeal to Metallian(s), but Black River unexpectedly will convince. The question is, again, who are these guys and where did they come from? - Ali “The Metallian”


Black River