Boys Will Be Boys - 1984 - Bullet
Walk It Like You Talk It - 1987 - Neat
Cure For Your Disease - 2012 - Metalizer
WTF - 2022 - Pure Steel

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Love And Bullets>>STEVE BARDSLEY>>Love And Bullets

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History & Biography
The history of Black Rose dates back to 1976 and a line-up of Steve Bardsley on vocals and guitar, Marty Rajn on bass guitar and Mark Eason on drums. This band called itself Ice. The band changed its name and became more professional and serious when Charlie McKenzie of the band Anvil stepped in to replace the departed Mark Eason. Kenny Nicholson - later of Hammer and Holland - would also join the band. A demo was recorded at Impulse studio in Wallsend, Newcastle in 1981, but was never released. McKenzie would go on to join Emerson and Samson. Newer members were former Bad Luck guitarist Chris Watson and drummer 'Malla' Smith (both as of 1981).

The beautifully-named English act appeared on a Neat sampler and released several singles before its full-length debut. The band had also toured with Vardis and Limelight. The first single was recorded at Teesbeat Studio and issued by the Teesbeat label. Marty was asked to leave the band and was replaced by Thompson. A single and many more shows followed. However, restless with the lack of progress, guitarist Chris Watson opted out and would later be in Daemaniac. He would soon ask for readmission and return to the fold. Soon Bardsley dropped the guitarist role and decided to exclusively concentrate on the vocal slot. Enter Gary Todd who would also play the keyboards as well as the guitar. With Watson leaving again, Pat O' Neill was drafted as second guitarist. This line-up recorded Walk It Like You Talk It. Smith would leave after the recording, although new drummer Barry 'Bazza' was given credit on the album! Walk It Like You Talk It was given a US release by the K-Tel corporation when an American band called Black Rose sued the band and the American label. Dismayed by the whole thing the band, with drummer Paul Fowler and guitarist Dave Patterson in tow, recorded a couple more demos before calling it a day.

Bardsley, Watson and Smith got back together for another round in 2003. The group released a new CD, entitled Bright Lights Burnin' - The Anthology, through the Majestic Rock label.

In 2010, NWOBHM band Black Rose released its third album, possibly entitled Cure For Your Disease. The band’s last proper release was from the late '80s. Black Rose was rejoined by original guitarist Kenny Nicholson. The band was playing shows in support of its third album, Cure For Your Disease. Drummer Mal Smith was part of the line-up again. NWOBHM band Black Rose was playing 2012’s year Hammerfest on the VIP night on March 15th at Pontins Holiday Park in Prestatyn and Headbangers Open Air festival on July 28th. The band had two upcoming releases. One was an 18-track disc, The Early Years And More - Remastered, through Hellion Records, which featured eight unreleased tracks from the band’s heyday. A record with demo tracks was due through the High Roller label. The act signed a deal with the Germany’s Metalizer to release its new album, Cure For Your Disease, on CD. Black Rose would play at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Brande-Hörnerkirchen on July 28th, 2012. The 2022 album featured Bardsley on guitar again. Kiko Rivers was on bass and Paul Fowler on drums. The drummer had rejoined in 2016. Kiko Rivers was out in 2022. Luke Williams of Skyryder joined on bass guitar.



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