Tyrant From A Foreign Land - 2005 - Rockshots
The Puppeteer - 2017 - Spinnup

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Chemel Neme>>Kill City - Imperia, Smackbound, Laurenne/Louhimo, Solo, Aortha>>NETTA LAURENNE>>Smackbound, Laurenne/Louhimo, Solo, Aortha

Juan Miguel Iturralde>>Kill City - CHRISTOPHER GRUENBERG - Antidote, Thunderstone, Motorvision Freakshow, Hevisaurus, Tuska20>>NINO LAURENNE>>Thunderstone, Hevisaurus

Demolición>>Luis Fernando Fabara>>Demolición - SANTIAGO SALEM


History & Biography
The band was founded in Ecuador in 1999 and was heard through an album called Tyrant From A Foreign Land in 2005. Dance Of Elders was a 2011 demo, a track of which the band had uploaded in 2010. There was a 2017 full-length. It was produced by Timo Tolkki and Santtu Lehtiniemi. The group opened for Firewind on the Immortals Tour in 2018. The band began cooperating with Rockshots Records through the Silent Enemy EP of 2020. This release included a short film based on a script written by the group and In Victory drummer Topias Kupiainen. The group shopped this to several film festivals. Two former members, in the meantime, had reunited in Kill City as a follow-up to their separation from the act recently.

The remaining members recruited two Finns next. The new line-up of Finnish-Ecuadorean hard rock band Black Sun had a song called Slay The Queen in 2024. It featured singer Netta Laurenne and her husband, the band's producer and Thunderstone guitarist Nino Laurenne. Nino Laurenne had produced Silent Enemy. The husband and wife were also guests on The Puppeteer.



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