Sacrifice - 1970 - CBS
Black Widow - 1971 - CBS
Three - 1972 - CBS
IV - 1998 - Mystic
Sleeping With Demons - 2011 - Smack

Black Widow image
S= Kay Garret - Kip Trevor>>Pendragon

G= Jim Gannon>>Fox, Yellow Dog, Sherbet - John Culley

B= Bob Bond - Frank Linx - GEOFF GRIFFITHS

D= ROMEO CHALLENGER>>Showaddywaddy

K= Jess 'Zoot' Taylor - Wicked Minds>>Paolo 'Apollo' Negri
Agony Bag>>CLIVE JONES>>Agony Bag

History & Biography
Black Widow from Leicester made the rounds around the same time as compatriots Black Sabbath and had a similar sound. The band had risen from the ashes of Pesky Gee in 1969 a rhythm and soul band and was dubbed 'dark sound'. The band had explicit occult themes, something which was reflected in its shows which were centred around the female demon Astaroth. BW featured two bassists. Years later the world saw a double LP tribute to the band and some releases from the other members with the most relevant being Jones' Agony Bag circa 1980. An early single was called Come to The Sabbat. IV was recorded in 1972 and was released years later from the masters in possession of Clive Jones and features some rough demo mixes, etc. as well. Do not bother ordering it as it was limited to 500 copies. Black Widow was back in 2011 and had a new studio album, Sleeping With Demons, which was released on October 31st through Cargo Records.



Black Widow