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Blade Of The Ripper - 2006 - Devil Doll
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History & Biography
Louisville, Kentucky is as an unlikely a place to form a punk/heavy metal band as any, but that is exactly former Nashville Pussy man Adam Neal began recruiting a couple of former colleagues for just that purpose. After several false starts with Brothers Of Conquest the band metamorphosed into Blade Of The Ripper. The crossover band and Recourse hit the road in late 2006. Scarey Records issued a split for the band with Bible Of The Devil in 2009 and the group was history.


Blade Of The Ripper is a new name to the scene and quite unknown as of now, but the band features former Nashville Pussy member Adam Neal which might speed the recognition factor somewhat. The band’s sound won’t easily be classified however. None of it is easily consumed or commercial, but it is not exactly pure heavy metal either. While the vocals of Neal go back and forth between Glenn Danzig and Manowar’s Eric Adams, the music has thrashy moments (unnamed song two), Slayer rhythms (unnamed song six), punk and US metal influences. It is all there, although describing the band as the bastard son of the Misfits and Hammers Of Misfortune won’t be too far off. Given that, Blade Of The Ripper is only half what one would expect and certainly an acquired taste. - Anna Tergel


Blade Of The Ripper