Incineration Of The Cult - 2008 - Grim Nocturnal
Bearer Of The Darkest Plague - 2010 - Baar


S= Grindshaft>>R.K.
G= RW Commando [Roderick Williams]>>Dying Eyes OF Sloth - Ten X Hate>>A-BOMB - AAVUSTUS
B= Decrepit
D= Lord Unknown


The band begun in 2003 powered by singer R.K. and drummer Poltergeist both of whom had played in Grindshaft, with Poltergeist on guitar. Guitarist S.C. comes in a few months later and adds additional acronyms. When Poltergeist left to join Sacraficium the band replaced him with Unknown. In 2004 bassist Decrepit is recruited. This line-up creates the Storm Of Chaos demo in 2005, following which former Ten X Hate guitarist A-Bomb is also recruited. In 2006, SC is gone and is replaced by RW Commando. The upheaval doesn’t stop there as Decrepit is gone in February of 2007. His replacement is called Lord Fuath. His serfs probably call him L.F. The band recorded the Incineration Of The Cult in 2007 and plays shows in the Mid Atlantic area. Then in late 2007 and early 2008, a returning Decrepit replaces Lord Fuath and RW Commando takes a leave of his unit. Incineration Of The Cult is finally issued in 2008 through Grim Nocturnal records. The label soon goes bankrupt. This doesn’t stop lead guitarist Aavistus to join in the autumn of 2008. Many wonder whether they should simply call him A. The band recorded a full-length called Bearer of The Darkest Plagues in 2009 and has it issued in 2010.


Blasphemous is indeed everything the monicker and the album title imply. The music is a meander of simplistic metal a la Darkthrone (Raped Upon The Altar) and pounding underground extremism. The singer has voracious grunt, but it falls short somewhere. That somewhere is the generally less than ideal tightness and somewhat sloppy drumming. The guitarist is seriously heavy and has a few good riffs up his sleeve, but the overall songs are below average in construct and tightness. The band is heavy when slow and crushing when fast but the so-so mid-paced material is barely passable. Decimator Of Holy Manifestations starts slowly and picks up and a good indicator of the band’s potential to compose something better, especially with its dual channel vocals, yet the overall effect is subdued by the weaker songs.
Black, death, doom and old-school have a congregation here. The band is for the die-hard completist however. - Ali “The Metallian”