Diabolical Kingdom - 2009 – Apocrypha
Battle Of The Ancients – 2012 - HeadXplode
The Rise Of Marduk – 2015 – Power Back
Forsaken Dynasty – 2021 – Horror Pain Gore Death

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From The Ruins>>ISAAC WILSON>>From The Ruins

From The Ruins>>ISAAC WILSON>>From The Ruins - Jed Wilson – JOE AEMOS

Ancient Malignity, Ritual Genocide>>TJ Laughlin>>Ritual Genocide, Ancient Malignity

Travis Edwards>>Ancient Malignity – Ritual Genocide, Ancient Malignity>>Evan Richardson>>Ritual Genocide, Ancient Malignity, Triumph

History & Biography
This Reno, Nevada-based black metal band was formed in the heat of 2006 and quickly set out to release several demos including Rest In Pieces (2006) and Black Winter (2007). Guitarists Nic Kampschroeder and Ben Brown came and went. Shadows Of Evil of 2008 was followed by a deal with Apocrypha Records, which issued the band’s album debut late in 2009. The group was picked to play the Bloodstock Festival in 2008, having won the unsigned category contest, but never played the event after not procuring passports in time! Laughlin departed in 2019. Jed Wilson died in 2020. Blasphemous Creation had an album called Forsaken Dynasty through Horror Pain Gore Death in the summer of 2021. This release completed the band’s ancient alien trilogy.

Blasphemous Creation’s Beyond The Grave was out through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in 2022. The EP featured self-cover versions from the band’s 2006 to 2009 period.



Blasphemous Creation