Glory>>This Illusion>>BLEED IN VAIN - ITALY

Say Everything Will Be Fine - 2006 - Unicorn

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Tanist>>ENRICO LONGHIN>>Great Master, The Moor

ENRICO PAJARO - Devaster>>Davide Carraro>>The Moor

Ensoph, Burial Place, The Second Coming>>MASSIMO COCCHETTO>>Ensoph, Burial Place, The Second Coming

GIACOMO SECCO>>Return From The Grave, Cattivator Of Death

History & Biography
Bleed In Vain was officially formed in 2002, but the band’s core formation goes back to the mid-'90s when members operated as a black metal band called Glory. The group became more melodic as This Illusion before turning towards a more modern and technical sound under the current monciker.

The group’s One Day Left demo was promoted by Cartel Media before signing to Unicorn Digital Records. The band’s album was partly recorded at Studio Fredman.


As much as one would like to say everything is fine with the real first official album of these Italians there are several problems found within the digital grooves of the album. On the surface, the band is a run-of-the-mill group which is influenced by the newer Gothenburg sounds. Names like Gardenian and Soilwork would be obvious comparisons for a band not anxious to deny the association given that the recording and mixing sessions have partly been performed at Sweden’s Studio Fredman. The drums were recorded elsewhere and have the worst sound on the album being too light. The bigger concern, however, is qualitative. The songs merely subsist without making any great impressions. A song like Tomorrow Is No More seems to be there only for the sake of filling out a slot on the album and nothing more. The group has the necessary vocals - which are suspiciously close to the hordes of metalcore bands - guitars and drums, yet there are hardly any moments of triumph or admiration here. To make matters worse, Erni throws in a couple of those embarrassing vocal effects reserved for crap mallcore like Incubus and System Of A Down. Ouch. On the song Another Way To Lose Myself the singing comes off as inspired by Pearl Jam no less. Bleed In Vain needs to become creative, put some passion into its compositions and try again. The CD comes with a couple of extras and videos. - Anna Tergel


Bleed In Vain