Blizard Of Wizard – 1984 – Warner
Kamikaze Killers My Tears Evaporate – 1984 - Warner
Hot Shot! – 1985 – Warner
Hard Times – 1986 - Warner
Blizard – 1987 - CBS
Show Me The Way – 1988 – CBS
Danger Life – 1990 - CBS

Blizard image
Shimomura Seijiro>>Solo, Lion Code – Mizuno Matsuya>>Edge, Gracias

X-Ray, Solo>>Matsukawa "Ran" Toshiya>>Solo, Twinzer, Hide – Angel Kiss>>MURAKAMI TAKAYUKI>>Deft

TERASAWA KOUICHI>>Sly, Blind Pig, Minoru Niihara, Punish

Angel Kiss>>MURAKAMI HIROYUKI>>Emerald Forest, Atomic Tornado, Deft

History & Biography
Blizard (ブリザード or Burizaado') hit Japan’s Tokyo region in 1982 and impacted the region and the country for ten years. The Blizard featured the twin gusts of the Murakamis who came from Angel Kiss. The Blizard Of Wizard of 1984 showcased a heavy metal band with impressive riffs, high-pitched vocals and a mix favouring the frontman. The band had recorded an album with only one show under its belt. The song Love With The U.S.A. presumably praised the atomic bomb and hinted at a suicidal bent for the band. The group found it necessary to include two Journey cover versions here. Kamikaze Killers My Tears Evaporate made it at the tail-end of the same year. Hot Shot! arrived a mere seven months later. The band’s self-titled album of 1987 was on the CBS label. The group’s music was streamlined and the visuals had transformed to suit and tie attire. This one featured an Aerosmith cover version. Live! Overheat was a 1987 video. It was recorded in Chofu, Tokyo. Danger Life featured Mizuno Matsuya on the microphone. The brothers followed through with a couple of common bands.

The band returned for a thirtieth anniversary show in February of 2014. Guitarist Matsukawa was absent and the band hired Win Field’s Wakai Nozomu to stand in. The CBS era was the subject of a 2002 compilation called Never Ending Days.