Time Goes On - 1998 - Picoroco
Raging Planet - 2001 - Toxic
Eye Of Horus - 2005 - Toxic

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History & Biography
Bloden Wedd means 'Gods Of Sunrise' in the Gaelic tongue. The band was formed in 1994 and within a year recorded the The Kid Warrior demo. The band recorded Time Goes on following a couple of line-up alterations and live work followed. The name was simplified in 2001.

A more serious record deal with Toxic Records followed and the band played further shows with the likes Of Children Of Bodom and Rhapsody. The band's third album was issued in 2005. Made Of Steel was a demo that was recorded in 2009 and released in 2011. Dan Ebelman was next the sole survivor. New members as of 2023 were guitarists Gustavo Toledo and Soledad Genúa (ex-Human Factor), bassist Benjamín Lirock and drummer Alexandro Carreño.


Don't worry if you have never heard of Bloden Wedd. The band hails from Chile. Don't stop reading though for the band is a good one. The quartet has been around for over ten years and on Eye Of Horus launches an impressive brand of heavy/power metal in the style of Stratovarius, Freedom Call and Skid Row. The band's commitment to the style is not in doubt given the music and the presence of a song called Power Metal Pride, but it is the professional musicianship, stimulating music (including some nifty drumming) and myriad of sounds that impresses the most. From hard and heavy to balladry Bloden Wedd knows its stuff. Firebird might be heavy, but Still Believe is a commercial rocker. Untold Words sounds like a '80s ballad a la Skid Row, but the title track brings vintage Queensrÿche or Stratovarius to mind. Sure, it is not too difficult to pleasantly surprise the listener if you are from Chile, except in this case the band can stand on its own in any country. - Ali "The Metallian"


Bloden Wedd