Bloodlust>>BLOOD FEAST - USA

Kill For Pleasure - 1987 - New Renaissance
Chopping Block Blues - 1990 - Colossal


S= Gary Markovich - Tommy Nash
G= Adam Tranquilli>>Last Remains, Headlock, Without End - Michael Basden - MIKE FRANK
B= Louie Starita
D= Annunaki>>KEVIN KUZMA>>Lament. Annunaki


Formed in 1984, the USA thrashers changed names to avoid confusion with the Wild Rags band. Blood Feast got its inspiration from the likes of Slayer and Kreator - although a Celtic Frost tune was a consistent cover song. With one demo called Suicidal Mission under their belts and appearances on the Speed Metal Hell 3 (with Wehrmacht and Necrophagia among others) and Thrash Metal Attack (with Hellwitch, Aggression and others) compilations the band landed with New Renaissance. The deal didn't offer studio costs or much support, yet the band toured with Death and Sacrifice and did quite well.

A couple of demo tunes and re-recorded songs yielded the Face Fate EP on New Renaissance in 1988. The band recorded a full-length demo called The Last Remains and presented a new line-up before doing another album for New Renaissance's Colossal Records. This was the NR subsidiary organized for the label's new distributor. Chopping Block Blues was the band's recent demo with a new name and cover. The band had a new deal at this point with Canada's Kraze Records, but when the label folded the band just called it a day. The group reunited for a one-off show at the March Metal Meltdown before the turn of the century.

The band, featuring guitarist Adam Tranquilli (Without End and Headlock) and drummer Kevin Kuzmal, signed up for 2010’s Headbangers Open Air festival, which was set to take place in July 2010 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany. The band originally reformed again in 2007. Hellion Records issued a compilation called Last Offering Before The Chopping Block in 2013. In 2015, Blood Feast signed a deal with Hells Headbangers for the release of the band's next album, The Future State Of Wicked.



Blood Feast