Bloodgood - 1986 - Frontline
Detonation - 1987 - Frontline
Rock In A Hard Place - 1988 - Frontline
Out Of The Darkness - 1989 - Intense
Alive In America: Live Volume One - 1990 - Intense
Shakin' The World: Live Volume Two - 1990 - Intense
All Stand Together - 1991 - Broken
To Germany With Love! - 1993 - SB

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History & Biography
Seattle’s Bloodgood, along with Stryper and Barren Cross, formed the triumvirate of notable American Christian hard rock bands of the '80s. Bloodgood was formed by bassist Michael Bloodgood and former Joshua singer Les Carlsen in 1984 and released a demo called Metal Missionaries in 1985. Frontline Records and Christian producer Darrell Mansfield pushed the band. The group’s first two records Bloodgood and Detonation were the band’s better records with heavier sounds. Guitarist David Zaffiro left the band by the time Out Of The Darkness was released. The band’s momentum slowed considerably at the end of the 1980s which translated into three live albums and the eventual disbandment in 1994. The band’s sound had suffered increasing commercialism in the intervening years. The Volume One and Two album releases were accompanied by videos of the shows. The band never had any luck holding on to its drummers. Mortification would cover Bloodgood on its Live Planetarium CD.

The group reformed in 2002 and again in 2006 and during the latter even featured Stryper man Oz Fox on guitar. A DVD called Rock Theater was issued in 2003. This DVD featured music and lots of theatre about Jesus Christ. Mark Welling was also back. Welling had been in a band with Queensrÿche’s DeGarmo called DHW and in another band with Geoff Tate called Babylon. The band played live again in Nashville in April of 2007. Michael Bloodgood completed work on a new solo CD called The Cross Changes Everything in 2008 which was due as early as February of that year. Metal Missionaries (25th Anniversary Edition) was a re-issue of that demo in 2010. Dangerously Close was a 2013 demo. It was financed through a Kickstarter campaign. There was a self-produced documentary called Trenches Of Rock - The Metal Mission of Bloodgood in 2019. A soundtrack was also issued independently.

Kevin Whisler died in 2021. He was 60. Bassist Michael Bloodgood of white metal act Bloodgood died on July 29th 2022. He had suffered a stroke in February and had been ill since. The end had arrived.