Guilty As Sin - 1985- Metal Blade

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History & Biography
Bloodlust was the band of former Abattoir singer Steve Gaines. The band had a history that coincided with the dissolution of Prussia. Steve Gaines was the early singer, but had left to be replaced by Guy Lord within a year. Several members had been recruited from Warlock, which was a Los Angeles-based cover band playing tunes by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden among others. Brian Slagel of Metal Blade would attend the band's first concert at the behest of Betsy of Bitch and end up offering the band a contract. The contract was for two records, but the relationship delivered only one. Guy Lord would record the debut, but be replaced with Steve Gaines shortly thereafter. Guy's departure was attributed to preferring hard rock and heavy metal to speed or thrash metal. Keith Flax formerly from Wild Dogs briefly fronted the act. The Anti-Life demo of 1987 featured guitarist Earl trying his hand on the vocals next to Steve Gaines.

Two EPs can be found under the Wild Rags banner including Terminal Velocity of 1988. This was produced by Dark Angel's Eric Meyer. Drummer Mark E. Guestas left, which was attributed to his drug use. The band was founded in 1983, disbanded in 1988 (lack of progress, drugs, difference in musical vision, etc.), but reformed in 2004. John and Sandy had moved on to Last Rites during the band's absence. Steve was in Tactics/Electric Head. The comeback concert was at Keyclub in 2005, Old Metal Records of King Fowley of Deceased rereleased the band's music in 2007. Guy Lord returned in 2015. Gonzalo G. Gonzalez was the new drummer. Skol Records announced a reissue of the band's music in 2021. A New York City concert was announced for 2022.