The Naturals>>Crowd +1>>BLOODROCK - USA

Bloodrock - 1970 - Capitol
Bloodrock 2 - 1970 - Capitol
Bloodrock 3 - 1971 – Capitol
U.S.A. - 1971 - Capitol
Live – 1972 - Capitol
Passage - 1972 - Capitol
Whirlwind Tongues - 1974 - Capitol
Triptych – 2000 – One Way

Bloodrock image
Jim Rutledge>>Solo - Warren Ham>>Kerry Livgren, AD

Lee Pickens>>Solo, Easter Island – Nick Taylor – Bill Ham


Jim Rutledge - Rick Cobb – Randy Reader – Matt Betton

Buddy And The Beaumen>>STEVE HILL>>Carmine Appice’s Astroport

History & Biography
The band was founded as The Naturals in 1963. The group opened for The Beach Boys and had a single called Hey Girl. The monicker changed in 1966. With a lack of success the monicker was changed again in 1969.

Bloodrock from Texas was managed by Terry Knight who was also behind Grand Funk. He had come up with the Bloodrock monicker. Rutledge moved to the vocal position after the debut. This record featured a backmasked message. The band also opened for Grand Funk. The band’s second album had a charting single called D.O.A. The Singer and a guitarist left and Warren Ham joined. The band never gained much success after its first two albums partly due to the heaviness of the earlier music and the introduction of saxophone, et cetra. Cobb left and was replaced by Reader. Then Nick Taylor left and was replaced by Warren’s brother, Bill Ham. Reader left and drummer Matt Betton recorded Unspoken Words, which true to its name was released as part of a band retrospective as Triptych in 2000. Warren Ham would later be heard with Kansas member Kerry Livgren’s AD, which was a Christian rock band.

The band’s earlier line-up of Rutledge/Pickens/Taylor/Grundy/Hill announced a reunion concert to help with Hill’s ongoing leukaemia expenses. Taylor’s son Chris also appeared as Cobb was absent. The show was filmed and independently released in 2007. Hill would die in 2013. Nick Taylor had died in a car accident in 2010.