Bloodstar - 1990 - Red Decibel
Anytime - Anywhere - 1992 - Red Decibel

Bloodstar image
S= The Manimals, Syvään>>ROLF BRUNNER>>Syvään

G= The Manimals, Syvään>>ROLF BRUNNER>>Syvään - The Manimals>>MICHA PANSI LANG

B= Solo>>Roger Baumer>>Solo


K= The Manimals>>Roland Brändli

History & Biography
Bloodstar had garnered some hype through Roadrunner's marketing of this industrial/metal band in the early 1990s. Founded by former experimental act The Manimals members Micha Pansi, Roland and Rolf Brunner in 1985, the band had a demo called Bloodstar in 1987. The act opened for Saint Vitus in Switzerland in March 1989. Roland Brändli would not remain, but still participated in concerts with his former band-mates at times. Back From Hell was a 1999 demo that received no circulation. Roger Baumer joined in 1990 and left ten years later to focus on Roger Rotor, his solo alias.

The band hailed from Switzerland. Pansi is a science fiction author. Bloodstar often embodied sci-fi themes.