Don't Touch The Light - 1986 - RCA
Fireworks - 1987 - RCA
Point Blank - 1989 - RCA
Knockout - 1991 - RCA
Feels Like Comin' Home - 1996 - LZ
Rebel Soul - 1997 - LZ
Fuel To The Flames - 1999 - BMG
Strike X - 2001 - BMG
Live Over Europe - 2002 - LZ
Free - 2003 - BMG
One Acoustic Night – 2005 – Locomotive
Double X – 2006 – LZ
Double Vision – 2007 - LZ
The Raüber – 2008 – LZ
Branded – 2011 – LZ
Fireworks Still Alive – 2011 - LZ
Schanzerherz – 2013 – LZ
Live In Wacken – 2013 - LZ
Glörious – 2015 - LZ


S= Cacumen, Solo>>Claus Lessman>>Solo, Supremacy
G= Cacumen>>Hans Ziller [Johann Ziller]>>EZ Livin', Solo - Horst Maier-Thorn>>Shiva - Mad Max>>Michael Voss>>Casanova, Demon Drive, Silver, Supremacy - Sinner, Pretty Maids, Vamp/Helter Skelter>>Angel G. Schleifer>>Charade - Cacumen, EZ Livin', Solo>>HANS ZILLER [JOHANN ZILLER]>>EZ Livin’ - Chris Lausmann – Chris “Yps” Limburg
B= Jorg Deisinger>>Sabu, Soul Doctor - Uwe Koehler
D= Dominic Huelshorst>>Faro - House Of Lords>>Ken Mary - Sinner, Tyran Pace, Samson>>Edgar Patrick - Jurgen Wiehler - Dominik Hülshorst - Harry Reischmann


Cacumen first appeared in the German Metal Hammer magazine in 1984 with a photo and a demo review. The band changed its moniker and quickly released a successful album. A tour with ZZ Top follows. Fireworks was a big hit and spent six months in the German charts. The band toured with Judas Priest and added a session keyboardist and recruited Voss. Point Blank was a bigger hit, but by Knockout the band was getting and accepting bad advice and the songs, production and cover version were all too commercial and the band failed. A couple of solo albums later, the band was back in 1996. But this album was a mishmash of older material, English version of already-released German songs and so failed to be taken seriously. Fuel To The Flames had the band return to its crowd-pleasing ‘80s’ sound. The band also released Freudenfeuer which was a German equivalent to Fuel. The band recorded its English 2002 tour (with Mike Tramp) for a live album to be called Live Over England.

The self-released album was soon issued as Live Over Europe. In 2003, the Germans declined shows with Whitesnake, curtailed headlining shows due to illness and finally issued a new CD in the autumn.

Double X in 2006 celebrated the band’s twentieth anniversary. The band was working on a rock opera called The Räuber in 2007. The album was based on Die Räuber (the robbers), a play by Friedrich Schiller. A DVD, The Räuber, which was the companion to the album was out through LZ Records in 2008. Ziller resurrected Ez Livin’ in 2013. Bonfire fired singer David Reece in the summer of 2016 due to professional and personal reasons. Back in the band was Michael Bormann.