Book Of Reflections - 2004 – Lion/Avalon
Chapter II: Unfold The Future – 2006 – Lion
Relentless Fighter – 2012 – Lion

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Joe Cool, Vision, Eternity, Solo, Condition Red>>LARS ERIC MATTESON>>Solo, Condition Red

Joe Cool, Vision, Eternity, Solo, Condition Red>>LARS ERIC MATTESON>>Solo, Condition Red


History & Biography
Book Of Reflection was a project by guitarist Lars Eric Mattesson of Eternity fame who recruited several singers, like Hubi Meisel formerly of Dreamscape and Winterlong's Mikael Holm, Andy Engberg of Lion's Share and Section A, keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij (later in Mattson, TSO, etc.), guitarist Rusty Cooley and drummer Eddie Sledgehammer to record a pomp rock album for 2004. The European version of the CD featured Blood From A Stone as a bonus song.

A second record arrived in late 2006. A third one arrived in 2012. The records were on Matteson’s own label. Former Domain singer Carsten Schulz sang. The drummer Christer Jansson, a Matteson collaborator, was on the 2012 record and a 2019 uploaded track called Eternity Calls. Torgy Stjarnfelt sang here. Eternity Calls was originally recorded as a bonus track for the Japanese edition of Book Of Reflection's self-titled debut album in 2005. It was partly re-recorded here. Vitalij Kuprij died at the beginning of 2024.


It is not clear whether Book Of Reflections is a permanent project. What is known is that the baby of guitarist Lars Eric Matteson is a collection of pompous and progressive songs with equal allowances for the guitar and keyboards. The many guest musicians are all competent and have been handpicked for that very reason. The songs have a tendency to grow on the listener and, even if a couple seem less than original, the album as a whole is a good addition to the collection of the genre's fans. Some oddities that need to be noted are the ultra-Satanic intro to Slippin' Away a song which incidentally ends abruptly, the closeness of You're Not Alone to a certain pop/rock song from the '80s and the general variety of the vocalists. Fans of Stratovarius, Yngwie and Rainbow will find something on this album that they will like. - Ali "The Metallian"


Book Of Reflections