Instruments Of Torture - 2000 - Independent/Extremeties
Festival Of Death - 2001 - Unmatched Brutality
Methods Of Execution - 2004 - Unmatched Brutality
Harbinger Of Woe - 2024 - Season Of Mist

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Cinerary, Liturgy>>Jamie Bailey>>Cinerary, Liturgy – Cinerary, Liturgy, Gorgasm>>JAMIE BAILEY>>Cinerary, Liturgy, Gorgasm

Liturgy>>MIKE BAILEY>>Liturgy

Cinerary, Liturgy>>Jamie Bailey>>Cinerary, Liturgy, Gorgasm – Cinerary, Liturgy, Gorgasm>>JAMIE BAILEY>>Cinerary, Liturgy, Gorgasm

Besieged, Pustulated, Enter Self, Misery>>Chad Walls>>Dislimb, Pustulated, Enter Self, The Living Fields, Shock - Resection>>Henning Paulsen>>Resection, Misery – Fenris, Maldevera, Cesspool Of Corruption, Reviled, Mortifying Deformity, Accidental Incest, Disentomb, Liturgy>>BRENNAN SHACKELFORD>>Maldevera, Cesspool Of Corruption, Reviled, Mortifying Deformity, Accidental Incest, Disentomb, Liturgy

History & Biography
Brodequin was born in 1998. Based out of Tennessee and named after a torture instrument, the band plays violent death metal. The band released an independent CD before Extremities offered to re-release the product.

In 2002 Walls played on the debut record of Pustulated entitled Pathognomonic Purulency. Jamie Bailey returned in 2015 after departing in 2008. He would also tour with Canada’s Misery. The Sound Of Torture was a 2019 compilation. Brodequin was a 2020 compilation. The Perpetuation Of Suffering was a 2021 EP. Drummer Brennan Shackelford was added to the line-up here. The two bands really are one so the drummer would soon also join Liturgy. Season Of Mist signed the band in 2022. The label rereleased the act's earlier material. The group played at Chicago Domination Fest in 2023. Brodequin was booked for Maryland Deathfest in 2024. Brodequin released a full-length called Harbinger Of Woe through Season Of Mist on 22.03.2024. The twenty-year gap was explained away by noting that members had personal issues and the band lacked a complete line-up. The group reported work had begun on a newer album.

Mike Bailey is the owner of Unmatched Brutality. The Baileys are brothers. The brodequin was an instrument of torture used during the Middle Ages, which extended and pressured the joints and bones into shattering and breaking. The act's lyrics focus on the Middle Ages and torture.