Forever In Flames - 2009 – Sullen
Warbound – 2013 – Luxor
Broken Flesh – 2015 - Luxor

Broken Flesh image
S= Death List>>Kevin Tubby – Prophecy>>Jacob Mathes>>Foxhound, Charlie Hickman Band, Cadaverous Contingency, Strangled
G= Evisceration, Obliteration, Death List>>KEVIN TUBBY
B= Steve Maxwell -Jacob Mathes - Joshua Mathes>>Foxhound
D= Becoming The Archetype, Vangough>>BRANDON LOPEZ>>Becoming The Archetype, Vangough

Brutal white metal band Broken Flesh was formed in 2004 and featured veteran Christ crusader Kevin Tubby of Obliteration/Death List. The Oklahoma-based band re-released its debut album, Forever In Flames in September through Sullen Records. It was self-released in 2008. The band was comprised of founding members Kevin Tubby on vocals and guitars (ex-Death List and ex-Obliteration), Lopez on drum (ex-Becoming The Archetype) and Jacob Mathes on bass.

Luxor Records picked up the second record. Jacob Mathes was on lead vocals. Broken Flesh’s self-titled record’s concept was inspired by the Bible’s the book of Matthew 24. Bryan Nikkel took over the bass in 2017. Jake Martin became the singer in 2021. The group’s social media account was suspended and the band promise d alive record in 2021.

Jacob and Joshua are brothers.



Broken Flesh