Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses - 1992 - Earache
Need To Control - 1994 - Earache
Kill Trend Suicide - 1996 - Earache
Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom - 1997 - Relapse
Goodbye Cruel World - 1999 - Relapse
Evolution Through Revolution - 2009 - Relapse
End Time - 2011 - Relapse

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History & Biography
At first, it seemed that Brutal Truth was merely another side-project of Nuclear Assault's Lilker. After all, the man had had many side-projects in the past. With the success of the debut which showered the fans with extremely fast grindcore not played so competently since their UK heroes (at this point the band had completed a tour with Carcass and Napalm Death and another with Pungent Stench and Incantation), BT was soon a full-time occupation thanks to a good stage presence, Earache's support and the personal and journalistic connections and writings of Lilker and Sharp. Much was made of the fact that Lewis has made the transition from one of the slowest bands in existence to the fastest. Still, by the time the Perpetual Conversion EP was released in 1993, Lewis was gone and hardcore drummer Hoak (one bass drum!) was in place. Need To Control was even better (certainly than the EP which was a wasteful ambient affair) and yielded the world's shortest video, a box-set with Pink Floyd, Celtic Frost, etc. singles and a tour in Europe opening for Deicide and Cathedral. With Earache setting its sights on electronic music and industrial, BT found itself ready to move on. Being friendly with Relapse, Lilker flew to England and received a release from Earache after assuring the English label that the band would remain grindcore! The Relapse albums, while extreme, were a bit less chunky and riff-oriented. BT was an advocate of drugs, threw in the towel and disbanded in organized fashion. Ninefinger featured Mike Dean of COC and Malformed Earthborn features members of Napalm Death.

Not surprisingly, the band scheduled a single reunion show on September 3rd, 2006 at the Double Door in Chicago as part of the second annual Electric City Rockfest. The band would also record a cover of Sister Fucker for an Eyehategod tribute album called For The Sick. A full-fledged reunion and consequent tours was made official in late 2006. Emetic Records released a Brutal Truth/Total Fucking Destruction split 7” of Eyehategod covers to benefit Eyehategod and help that band replace gear lost in hurricane Katrina. Brutal Truth had also completed a new album’s worth of material in early 2008. The reformed Brutal Truth issued an album called Evolution Through Revolution through its old label with which it had an existing contract, Relapse Records. The band released a DVD, called For The Ugly And Unwanted - This Is Grindcore, in June, 2009 through Season Of Mist. The disc featured the show at Obscene Extreme Festival 2007 in Czech Republic and concerts from the Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom tour. Brutal Truth completed work on its next full-length album, End Time, in the spring of 2011 with Doug White. Brutal Truth and Bastard Noise had a split release in 2013.

Dan Lilker announced that: "I regret to inform Brutal Truth fans that as of October 18th, 2014, I will be retiring from being a full-time recording and touring musician. That date is my 50th birthday... In the autumn of 2014, vocalist Tomas Lindberg left Lock Up and was replaced by Kevin Sharp.


The long revered Brutal Truth has brought its comeback and brought it big, this classic grind maelstrom wisely not letting its considerable legacy go to waste. Encapsulating the sense of chaos Brutal Truth was always known for but also revelling in elements of '80s hardcore that graced last year's excellent Venomous Concept record (Venomous Concept being Kevin Sharp and Dan Lilker’s side-project with Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and Dan Herrera), Evolution Through Revolution is a high-energy pillage that cuts through the bullshit and heads straight for the throat: yes it's potent, but did you really expect anything else? This is the paradigm reunion records should be forced to follow from now on, Brutal Truth wholly in tune with what's going on in the underground circa '09 (Lilker is a metal-for-life diehard, after all) but also cognisant not to stray too far from the original intent/purpose either; that amalgamation, as you no doubt are aware, is a difficult line to tread, but Brutal Truth has done it impressively here. Record opener 'Sugardaddy' is probably the best track of the 20 (!) found on the album, but this thing is a diversified, aware tour de force that truly furthers Brutal Truth and its holy grail namesake. - James Tape


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