The Day Of Wrath - 1985 - Roadrunner
The Final Separation - 1986 - Roadrunner
IX (Circle Of Hell) - 1988 - Discomagic
Neurodeliri - 1989 - Metal Master
Alive In Poland - 1990 - Metal Master

Bulldozer image

G= ALBERTO ‘AC WILD’ CONTINI – Sabotage>>ANDY PANIGADA>>Sabotage – Sacrarium Execratus, Profantum, Breathing Hell, Faust>>GIULIO BORRONI>>Breathing Hell, Faust

B= Andy Panigada

D= Don Andras - Rob K Cabrini – Abhor, Death Mechanism, Distruzione>>MANU [EMANUELE COLLATO]>>Abhor, Death Mechanism, Distruzione


History & Biography
The Milanese band was formed in 1980 by bassist Dario Carria, among others, who later committed suicide while in the act Neurodeliri in 1988. The band split up in 1981, but reformed in 1983. Bulldozer sounded like an Italian Venom, persevered many label problems, and had Algy Ward of Tank produce their debut, The Day Of Wrath. A former member managed Metal Master. Metal Mind Productions reissued the complete discography of Bulldozer in late 2006. The Regenerated In The Grave CD book box was released in full cooperation with the band and consisted of the following albums: The Day Of Wrath, The Final Separation, IX, Neurodeliri and Alive ...In Poland. Hot on the heels of the re-issues the band reformed and was working on new music. The reunited band had signed to Scarlet Records by October of 2008 and announced the release of an album called Unexpected Fate for April 2009.

Bulldozer was back with a single and video called Heretic in 2021. The video featured Steve Sylvester and Wildness Perversion of Mortuary Drape. A.C’s son G.C was on keyboards. Ride Hard Die Fast was the name of a band compilation through F.O.A.D. Records. The act appeared at the Metal Valley Open Air in 2023. It was simultaneously a celebration of the band's 40th anniversary. The band also put in an appearance at Huggins Awakening Fest. The band toured the USA with Bulldozer, Ares Kingdom and Demiser in 2023.