Heading for The Top – 2006 – Black Lodge
Bite The Bullet – 2008 - Black Lodge
Highway Pirates – 2011 - Black Lodge
Full Pull – 2012 - Nuclear Blast
Storm Of Blades – 2014 – Nuclear Blast
Dust To Gold – 2018 - SPV

Bullet image
G= Hypnosia, Birdflesh, Jigsore Terror>>HAMPUS KLANG>> Birdflesh, Jigsore Terror – Talion, Amon>>Erik Almström>>Nicke Borg Homeland – Brutal Noise, Morbid Grin, Nominon>>ALEXANDER LYRBO>>Morbid Grin
B= Nominon, Hypnosia, Funeral, Devil Lee Rot, Pagan Rites, Incinerator, Church Bizarre>>Lenny Blade>>Funeral, Pagan Rites, Incinerator, Church Bizarre - Path Of No Return>>Adam Hector – GUSTAV HECTOR
D= Reaping Chaos, Talion>>GUSTAV HJORTSJÖ>>Talion

As with all Swedish heavy metal bands this bunch also simultaneously serve in a minimum of a dozen other bands. Hell Hofer and Hampus Klang shared an Accept covers’ band. Not to be confused with the older ‘80s Bullet, this group was formed in 2001 and issued Heavy Metal Highway in 2002. Agonia Records issued the group’s Speeding In The Night EP the year after. Black Lodge signed the group next. The debut was due to be issued by a British label, but those plans were nixed. The group opened for AC/DC in Sweden in 2010. The band next toured with Hardcore Superstar. Swedish hard rock band Bullet would release a new album, Storm Of Blades, on September 5th through Nuclear Blast. This was the first album featuring new guitarist Alexander Lyrbo. Sweden’s Bullet signed with SPV in 2016. An album was due in 2017. Bullet released a new album, called Dust To Gold, through Steamhammer/SPV on April 20th.