Preserving The Past - 2007 - Rock It Up


S= Bittur Harvest, Translucent Existence>>ROB STEELE>> Translucent Existence, Reverend
G= Reverend>>NOTCH VARA>>Reverend - Sabatage, Reverend>>Davey Lee>>Reverend
B= Heir Apparent, Reverend>>JAY WEGENER>>Reverend


Byfist is a San Antonio, Texas-based power metal band that was originally formed in 1987. The band with singer Bill 'Byfist' Lopez soon issued a single called Hour Glass of Time through the band’s own Saba Records. His time was soon up however. A demo called You Should Have Known followed in 1988. Adrenalin, which was produced by David Wayne of Metal Church and Joe Floyd of Warrior, followed. The band went into hiatus. Ironically, the two guitarists joined Reverend featuring David Wayne. The Metal Church/Reverend singer had himself joined Byfist earlier. The group would undergo several line-up changes with the induction, departure and return of singer Rob Steele. Previously, singer Ronnie Sticks and bassist Perry Aarn would come and go. Mike Sandoval replaced Jesse Vera as the drummer for Byfist in late 2002. Simultaneously, the band had finished work on an album entitled Fall Of the Nation. The band’s album, Preserving The Past, many years in the making, was to be released in Europe through Rock It Up Records in 2007. Reverend recruited singer Robb Steele (Translucent Existence and Byfist) in 2009, which was an obvious choice given historic connections between Byfist and Reverend.

Victor Villarreal (i.e. Vikk Real of Byfist and One Of Sixx) died in a motorcycle accident in June of 2011. He was 41 years old. Byfist guitarist Davey Lee died the previous autumn.