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History & Biography
The band was formed out of the ashes of Predicted Conspiracy in 1999 in Falkenberg and soon added Aggressive Serpent's Adrian Westin to the vocal slot. The By Night, Derelict and Lamentations demos followed. The band signed to LifeForce and soon issued a split-CD with Cipher System. The band then entered Studio Mega with Chris Silver and recorded its debut, Burn The Flags. By Night, Deadsoil and Destiny toured Europe in the spring of 2005.
A New Shape Of Desperation was issued in the autumn of 2006 and had Persson now serving on guitar, while Wesslen was inducted on the bass guitar. The band hit the road with Fall Of Serenity prior to the disc’s release.


Given the bass heavy nature of By Night's music and the Swedes' use of twisted notes and chunky chords it is more than fair to say that the band's main influence is Meshuggah. Add to that Darkane and vocals along the lines of that band and Entombed and the picture comes into focus. Especially given the vocals of Adrian Westin calling the band crossover is also fair. The band has a full-on attitude most of the time, but slows down to inject some variety, melody and samples on a song like the album's closer, Dead Or Confused. On At The End Of The Day the proceedings get elevated with some nifty guitar work. These scarce moments aside the quintet is like a musical siren screeching and blaring power in a straight line on song after song. - Ali "The Metallian"

The official biography of By Night adorns A New Shape Of Desperation with clichéd phrasing like “highly anticipated second full length (sic)” or the little nugget reminding us that the band “chose to work with acclaimed producer Christian Silver,” etc. What a waste of time and an insult to the reader/listener/reviewer to write standard-issue nonsense and pat yourself on the back in a moment of self-congratulatory gloat. How, pray tell us, has A New Shape Of Desperation been highly anticipated? Were there line-ups at the record store? Did it shatter through the useless Billboard charts upon release? Has this album lit up bulletin boards? Did the record companies accountants perhaps give birth to that particular anticipation?
Marketing is a lie. Lying is the mother of Capitalism. And they can all go to hell. In the meanwhile, please stop insulting the reader with unnecessary rubbish. Who has acclaimed this Silver guy, for instance?
You want fact? Well, here it is. By Night (far from needing computer generated by-lines) has produced what will probably go down as one of the heaviest, most brutal and loud albums of 2006. Were it not so tight and controlled it could have easily degenerated into a wall of noise, but instead the five Swedes have crafted a grating album that will leave one breathless and heaving. Moments of melody are infused into the brutality; just enough to allow the body draw breath before plunging again into a melee of crushing power. With gruff growls, a shuddering bass guitar and a exceptionally heavy drum sound By Night ploughs through cuts (and I mean cuts) like The Truth Is Sold, People Like You, Cursed By The Thought and the singularly Slayer-like song, Idiot.
Had this fan read the label’s comparison of By Night to Fear Factory, the CD might not even have made it to the Metallian Towers’ audio system. Instead, having played the disc (and noticed the sheer mistakenness of that comparison) the album has become a favourite and well worthy of recommending to fans of the heavier end of the metal spectrum. - Ali “The Metallian”


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