Speed Metal Symphony - 1987 - Shrapnel
Go Off! - 1989 - Shrapnel

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History & Biography
A 'guitar hero' band on Shrapnel Records, Cacophony mixed speed metal passages with classical interludes. Drums on Go Off! were played by former Wild Dogs man Castronova, although Stauropoulous was the band's official skin basher. The band was based out of San Francisco. The two guitarists played on one another’s solo records. O’Shea and Castronova also appeared on a Friedman record. Anur played on Becker’s solo record. Becker joined David Lee Roth and was later afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Friedman joined Megadeth before going pop and finding an otaku affinity for J-pop. For added Japanese silliness drummer Stavropoulos was also in a band called kamikaze.