So Pale Is The Light - 2001 - Low Frequency
Corona Borealis - 2002 - Low Frequency

Cadacross image
S= Turisas>>Georg Laakso>>Turisas - Svartmoor>>SAMI AARNIO>>Svartmoor - NINA LAAKSO

G= Turisas>>GEORG LAAKSO>>Turisas - Tommi Saari - TINO AHOLA

B= Jarkko Lemmetty - Arthemesia, Ensiferum>>JUKKA-PEKKA MIETTINEN>>Arthemesia, Ensiferum

D= Janne Salo - Arthemesia>>KIMMO MIETTINEN>>Arthemesia

K= Mathias D.G. Nygård - Turisas>>ANTII VENTOLA>>Turisas

History & Biography
Cadacross was formed as a death metal band in 1997. Since then line-up changes have been anything but unusual for the Finnish act. A demo entitled Bloody War was released in 1998. However founder, singer and guitarist Georg Laakso was not fond of the style and the band goes into hibernation. Soon a keyboardist is recruited and the band sets about writing more melodic material.
The band signed with Low Frequency Records and soon issued the So Pale Is The Light CD. The album was recorded at Bayside Studio.
Guitarist Tommi Saari would soon be replaced by Tino Aloha and keyboardist Mathias Nygård would give his place to Olli Laitola and later Antti Ventola.
A new album entitled Corona Borealis would emerge late in 2002 with the revamped line-up. Initially the band had chosen The Northern Crown as the album's title. The album would also be licensed for the Japanese market by Soundholic Records. The new album features several special guests on accordion, guitars and vocals and even a Carcass-styled track. NinaLaakso would add female vocals in 2001.


So Pale Is The Light could accurately be described as merry-go-round metal. The proceedings sound like the happy Classical melodies one hears emanating from the carousels at the fun fair. Only here the melodies are topped with someone trying to feign evil vocals. It must be so easy to steal Classical works, growl on top of them and get signed to a label in Finland. In Fact, the Finnish government believes this to be the cure to the problem of chronic youth unemployment. Has no one bothered to tell the Finns how metal was not supposed to be ludicrous? - Ali "The Metallian"

Keyboards, keyboards, keyboards and more keyboards. Then come the female vocals and the accordion. What, no harp?? And no harmonica??? How about a banjo?
What can any self-respecting metal fan say about Cadacross? The composition is so predictable it's almost ritualized. This is awash in keyboards and sounds ever so light and wimpy. On Morning Star the accordion turns the song into a melody allusive to a carnival. One can almost see the Russian bear dancing in chains. The female moaner is a joke and and the male vocals are derivative beyond comprehension. Move on comrades, there is nothing here. - Ali "The Metallian"