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Hallucinating Anxiety - 1991 - Necrosis
In Pains - 1992 - Earache
Necrosis - 2004 - Candlelight
Edder & Bile – 2020 – Nuclear Blast
The Age Of The Offended - 2023 - Nuclear Blast

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History & Biography
Necrosis was a subsidiary of Earache. the band's Hallucinating was also available as a split LP/CD with Sweden's Carnage. After a ten year hiatus Odden resurfaced with Cadaver Inc. presumably as a follow-up. After one album as Cadaver Inc. the band resurfaced in 2004 again as Cadaver, this time on Candlelight Records. The band threw in the towel that summer and officially called it another day. As of 2010, the band was back part-time for shows.

One-time Mayhem singer Eirik "Messiah" Nordheim and Mayhem drummer Kjetil "Manheim" Haraldsson banded together with original Cadaver members guitarist Anders "Neddo" Odden and bassist René Jansen in 2013 for a new project called Order. René Jansen died of cancer in 2014. The band had a rehearsal recording available. Cadaver tried its hand rather unsuccessfully at techno death metal. Anders Odden resurrected the band in 2019 with help from drummer Dirk Verbeuren. Featuring Jeff Becerra on guest vocals on one track the band recorded a demo called Edder & Bile, which was being shopped to labels. The album was issued late 2020 through Nuclear Blast. Cadaver had an album called The Age Of The Offended through Nuclear Blast Records in July 2023. The band had been working on the record since 2020. Dirk Verbeuren was the guest drummer again.


Cadaver's new album - The Norwegians calling themselves Cadaver after renaming to Cadaver Inc. for a while, don't ask - is a challenging one. That itself is a tradition of sorts for this band and the 2004 release does not intend to be different. In a move reminiscent of Darkthrone's one-off attempt, the album seemed to be inspired by Celtic Frost at first. The picture, however, soon become clearer. Necrosis mixes sludge with technical riffing. Drawn-out sounding riffs mingle with Voivod offbeat time changes and disharmonic chords to produce anti-melody complete with harsh vocals and monotonous drumming. The guitars, especially, throw the listener for a loop.
Cadaver has never been linear and Necrosis is strictly recommended for those who can take a cornucopia of sounds atop the brutality. - Ali "The Metallian"