Cadaver>>CADAVER INC.>>Cadaver - NORWAY

Discipline - 2001 - Earache


S= Aura Noir, Dodheimsgard>>APOLLYON
G= Cadaver, Apoptygma, Berzerk>>ANDERS ODDEN [NEDDO]
B= Hydr Hydr>>L J BALVAZ
D= Dimmu Borgir>>CZRAL


Cadaver Inc. is the continuation of Cadaver who had released two albums on Earache ten years earlier. With main man Neddo back at the death metal yard, the band establishes itself with a very clever web site, some publicity from old/new label and launches its come-back album.
The band switched back to Cadaver soon and signed a deal with Candlelight.


Norway's Cadaver Inc, the follow up to Necrosis/Earache Records' band Cadaver of the early nineties and lead by the same's guitarist Anders Odden, is a cross between the genuine death metal emanating from Scandinavia ten years ago and a keyboard-less (and hence credible) Emperor. Songs like opener Primal, Deliverance and Murderhead leave no doubt that the unit featuring a couple of more or less known characters from the Norwegian scene is out for the throat with its brand of rough' n ready speedy black/death metal. The band stumbles a little during the mid-paced moments; especially since the light snare sound kicks in, but this is mostly assembled for the speed heads and successfully so. It's pretty extreme stuff and all the more a surprise due to the lifeless and largely ignorable nature of the original Cadaver albums. - Ali "The Metallian"


Cadaver INC.