The Skull Of Golgotha - Dynamic Arts - 2002

Calvarium image
S= MOLESTOR KADOTUS>>Trotzreich, Black Priest of Satan, Anal Blasphemy, Musta Kappeli, Itsemurha, Sinisterite, Blasphemous Devotion

G= Alghazanth, Funeris Nocturnum, Soulstream Behexen>>VEILROTH [PERTTI REPONEN]>>Behexen, Soulstream

B= Alghazanth, Funeris Nocturnum, Behexen>>VEILROTH [PERTTI REPONEN]>>Behexen

D= Satanic Warmaster, Ymir, Baptism, Valonsurma, Ravine, Trotzreich>>LORD SARGOFAGIAN [OSSI MÄKINEN]>>Baptism, Valonsurma, Ravine, Trotzreich, Black Death Ritual, Ymir, Horna

History & Biography
Calvarium was formed by Veiroth and Lord Sargofagian, er..., with the two initially sharing vocal responsibilities. The band was formed as a result of the duos love for early 90s' black metal. Mr. Molestor Kadotus joined the act at the beginning of 2002. The band recorded two rehearsal tapes and set out to record a proper demo. The band signed with the upstart Dynamic Arts Records. A first attempt to record at a studio was scrapped after the studio suffered unrelated structural damage and the band relocated to Studio Perkele where three new songs were recorded and the rest of the material was remixed. The result was The Skull Of Golgotha. Assaulting The Divine was a 2004 EP whose material was supposed to appear on a split with Behexen.

Veilroth is the owner of Dynamic Arts Records. Molestor was the owner of Hammer Of Hate Records. Two of the members ended up in Trotzreich.


Calvarium is a black metal act from Finland and the members make sure they sound like it. That is, the trio sticks to the formula and refuses to reinvent the wheel. The Skull Of Golgotha is music inspired by the likes of Darkthrone and early Mayhem and consequently can best be described as raw, grim and serious black metal. Calvarium is more Gorgoroth than Dimmu Borgir. Song titles like Three Nails And The Hammer Of Satan, Horns Of Hate and Morbid Hordes Revenge say it better than any review can. - Ali "The Metallian"