Physical - 1994 - Romilard
Exquisites Tenderness – 1997 - Visur
Earthquake – 2017 - Xtreem

Canker image
S= MIGUEL HERNANDEZ - Leo Gonzalez>>Perpetual Night

G= Azrael>>MIGUEL HERNANDEZ>>Azrael - Ramon Astorga - MANUEL TRESPE

B= Juan Miguel Lorenzo – Gûlgûta>>ANTONIO LEÓN GARRIDO>>Gûlgûta

D= Miguel Robles>>Baal - Cerebral Corrosion, Baal>>Eduardo A. Cervera>>Cerebral Corrosion, Baal

History & Biography
These thrashers hailed from Bilbao. The band was founded in 1990 and split up in 1998. Postmortem and Canker were the early demos. Inevitably the band returned in 2002 and split up again in 2018. The new incarnation only featured Hernandez from the original combo however. The debut was reissued in 2014 by Xtreem. Exquisite Tenderness was re-released through Xtreem Music on July 6th 2021. It featured a new cover and two bonus tracks.

The band had less than zero promotion and distribution for its ‘90s and reunion album through Xtreem.