Serene Catharsis - 2006 - Disconcert
Will And Perception - 2009 - Disconcert

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Facing Death, Burning Darkness>>FREDRIK HULDTGREN>>Facing Death, Burning Darkness

Corpulent Moth, Harvest, John Loathe, Ocean Room>>JONATAN HEDLIN>>Corpulent Moth, Harvest, John Loathe, Ocean Room - ERIK BJÖRKMAN


Decadence, A-Bros>>PETER LINDQVIST>>A-Bros

History & Biography
Swedish band Canopy was formed in 2002 by its guitarists and issued a demo called During Day One (featuring a solo and some backing vocals by Dan Swanö of Edge Of Sanity) two years later. At first, the band was influenced by and played At The Gates and In Flames’ songs before making changes. The Will And Perception demo followed. The group next recorded and released a full-length demo called Serene Catharsis, which Disconcert Music picked up in late 2006.

The band issued its second album in October of 2009. The album was so delayed that the band was already in the studio recording its third. Will And Perception featured all the songs of the 2005 demo with the same name and unreleased songs.


The metal world must have run out of suitable names for bands if Canopy is now a chosen monicker for a Swedish death metal entity. Apparently, once Deicide was taken everyone must have figured out that (as far as names go) there is no topping what has already been done.
The biography and collateral around Canopy makes mention of both Edge Of Sanity and Opeth liberally and it is to those groups that Canopy owes a lot. The group focuses more on heavy riffing and less on speed, the odd harmony and lead guitar, growling and a fairly good use of rhythm and does indeed come across as being influenced by its aforementioned compatriots. Worth mentioning are the songs Firmament Part I and Firmament Part II which together comprise nine minutes of music, the Opeth-influenced nine-minute long The Bleeding Earth, the Edge Of Sanity-like title track and the moody Subtle.
One aspect of the album that is fairly bothersome and asinine is the use of simulated toms instead of the real thing. The artificial sound is odd given the recording of real drums.
Serene Catharsis has heaviness, melody, progressive and technical moments and atmosphere. Whether it has enough of each to satisfy the respective fans or has hit upon the right combination is really a matter of individual taste. - Ali “The Metallian”

Will And Perception’s music and, consequently, its review are not light years different from the band’s last album Serene Catharsis. The reason is not so much a lack of differentiation in the last three years or a good sticky musical formula, but how this album is really a rerecording of the band’s 2005 demo of the same name with additional tracks. That means that now the band has used a couple of tracks in no less than three albums.
To the point, Will And Perception is best described as a cross between Edge Of Sanity (seven-tenth) and Opeth (three-tenth). The band’s very rhythmic and rich music is topped with deep growls that kick in rather moderately. Counsels And Maxims 'shows off' a Near Eastern string beginning and Will, which is the album’s closer, is the most Opeth-like drenched in ambience and a guitar structure that makes the least use of the right hand possible. The album’s dying bass sound is fantastic. The sound is congruently rich however. - Ali “The Metallian”