For The Security - 1991 - Thrash
Disharmonization - 1993 - Foundation 2000
Screaming Machines - 1996 - Foundation 2000

Carbonized image
S= Matti Karki>>Carnage, Dismember, General Surgery - Entombed, Comecon>>LARS ROSENBERG>>Entombed, Comecon

G= Excruciate, Procreation, Messiah, Therion>>CHRISTOFER JOHNSON>>Messiah, Procreation, Therion, Demonoid

B= Entombed, Monastery, Comecon>>LARS ROSENBERG>>Entombed, Monastery, Serpent, Comecon, Furcas, Mental Distortion

D= Robots, Panzer Service, Therion>>PIOTR WAWRZENIUK>>Therion, Serpent

History & Biography
Formed by Rosenberg in 1988, the band's demo was called Au-To-Dafe. The band featured Dismember's Matti Karki and later-members of Morpheus back then. Karki can be heard on the No Canonization (Thrash Records) 7" EP. Dismember’s Richard Cabeza took over the vocals in 1990. Zoran Jovanovic, also of Morbid, was on guitar. General Surgery’s Jonas Deroueche was on vocals and guitar. A later demo called Recarbonization lead to a record deal. Carbonized always had an offbeat edge to its death metal and became progressively more technical.