Desolated Battlefields - 2007 - Black Tower

Carcharoth image
G= DENETHOR - Avernum, Cyhiriaeth, Dhaubgurz>>HERMOD>>Cyhiriaeth, Dhaubgurz, Stone Of Erech
D= Cyhiriaeth, Chains Ov Beleth, Eald>>JARLETH>>Cyhiriaeth, Chains Ov Beleth, Eald, Mystagos, Vanth, At The Altar Of The Horned God

Madrid Pagan worshippers Carcharoth were given birth in 2002 by Lord Nausea and Denethor. My Father Was A Wolf was more than genealogy. It was a 2004 demo that was issued with a different cover also through battle Hymn Records. A 2007 promo CD was called Desolated Battlefields. The band snared the Swiss label Black Tower and issued its debut in December of 2007. The album came out and the band quit.


Singing songs of pagan ritual and idealism, Spaniards Carcharoth is a no-frill abrasive metal band with a coarse sound that encompasses both the slower and faster tempos. Pagan, to some, might convey druidism, peace, love, happiness or mysticism, but Carcharoth is not positive sounding. The band does have one of those silly intros with a flute and guitar jostling for position, but the title track right after is not in a frolicking mood. Early Burzum, Darkthrone and Graveland mix to present something listenable from Spain - an above average feat for this country - but the metal gods thank the omission of keyboards, opera girlfriends and the harp et al on the album. The vocals are croaked and captured on tape from beyond the abyss. The basic drumming is further 'enhanced' by an even more basic production further giving the band underground credibility. Although having skipped a bass player on Desolated Battlefields - the album, presumably not on actual theatre of war - the overall effect is rather treble and buzzing.
This album is, safe to say, very underground, extreme and intolerant of accessibility. All good things really and above average for Madrid, Spain, but in the grand scheme of things hardly deserving of a high mark. - Ali “The Metallian”