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History & Biography
Carnal Lust was born in 1998 and, after many line-up shuffles, released the Human Die demo in 2000. This was followed by the Prepare Your Soul demo of late 2001. The band's monicker was inspired by the Centinex song of the same name.

The death metal band signed to Diamond Productions and released its debut in early 2003. Drummer Jerome left the group in June of 2003, but not before promising to stay with the band until a replacement is found. In the meanwhile, Nico decided to solely concentrate on the vocals. Julien of Mogradem joined the band on bass, Sebastien of Mogradem joined the band on drums and Nico became the band's second guitarist which transformed the band from a trio to a quintet. A while later Nico and new bassist Julien left the band. The young band was left with only Ludo as its sole member left over from the debut's recording. It was announced in late 2003 that L. Chuck D is the name of the new singer of the band. The band also announced a new bassist called Death'met.

The group issued a demo called Dawn Of The Hatred in 2007 and joined the Thundering Records’ roster. The band’s Dawn Of The Hatred album was to be released in February of 2008.


As the title of the Frenchmen's first and only album so far demonstrates this Parisienne band is not about to waste time and sing about anything but the most brutal of the subject matters. The cover artwork immediately complements that notion. It is silly that the final product is so dark that not only the art's effect is diminished, but also half the lyrics and notes are rendered illegible. Still, and as mentioned, it is not for naught that this band hails from the world's capital of death metal. Carnal Lust is a fast and heavy band whose vocals are based on the style of Sylvain of Kataklysm and whose music sacrifices technicality for direct and simple speed riffing. It is an effective strategy. Although it can backfire in the long-run if the band has sacrificed memorability for accessibility. The drums contribute with a sound that is warm and heavy and which eschews the pots and pans one hears on many other albums. The guitars, of course one can guess by now, have a sharp sound that cuts like a knife. Carnal Lust hits hard and adds another name to the long list of the most extreme bands in the world which hail from France. - Ali "The Metallian"

Readers of the review section know that France has been mounting an impressive offensive in the death metal category for the last couple of years. One of the bands fitting that description is Paris-based new-comer band Carnal Lust who recently released the Whore Of Violence album through the fledgling Diamond Productions. The album is an unrelenting slab of death and destruction and so Ali "The Metallian" summons guitarist Ludo for a telephone conversation. - 05.08.2003

METALLIAN: Ludo, Carnal Lust was formed in 1998. Can you tell Metallian's readers about the band's history and happenings until now.
LUDO: I would love to... as you mentioned the band was formed in 1998 with Jerome on drums, Nico on bass and vocals and me on guitars. We spent a lot of time in rehearsals looking for our style and in order to complete our compositions. This took more than two years.
In October, 2001 we recorded a demo, called Human Die, which had a few rough edges. It went unnoticed by the public by and large. We then recorded a second demo, called Prepares your Soul, which was very well received and which allowed us to give quite a number of concerts in France and across Europe. The line-up remained unchanged until June 2003 when Jerome decided that he wanted to stop the adventure with us. After the blow we decided to look for another drummer as well as second guitarist and bass player since Nico wanted to concentrate on singing.

METALLIAN: Is it correct to assume that there is a story behind the name Carnal Lust? Given how many bands have 'carnal' in their names do you regret the choice?
LUDO: It is the title of a Centinex song. We love this tune and consequently chose to keep it as our band's name. I know that there are many bands which have 'carnal' in their band name, but I think the essential thing is the songs one writes.

METALLIAN: How did the band's sound change and evolve from the demos and on to the album?
LUDO: The first demo was recorded in a small studio with a six-track recording machine. The sound was very very underground. For the second demo we chose a sound engineer and a good studio in Miser Records. We had listened to an album which they had recorded and had liked the sound which kicked! All in all, our sound keeps getting better.

METALLIAN: Can you talk about Diamond Productions? They are not exactly a well-known entity.
LUDO: As a result of our second demo we had several offers from labels to do this album. We chose Diamond Productions because the proprietor proposed a very interesting deal to us regarding the promotion of the album and the recording. Furthermore, we fit well with him. He is a very nice person who takes care not to act like the head, works hard and takes the work to heart.

METALLIAN: looking at the album, what were the band's intentions with Whore Of Violence?
LUDO: Our intention was to simply kick everybody's arse. We wanted to unleash real violence and demonstrate how we see violence. I think that we made a success of it. Many different people and media-types who listened to it were surprised by the violence which rises from this album. From the first notes, you are hit in the chest which goes on to the last note of the album (laughs).

METALLIAN: Can you expand on the album's title?
LUDO: The title of the album is connected to its contents. Many fragments of the album talk about things like news items which are taking place in this world like rape, murder, society, etc. The cover of the disc is by Deather who also done work for Gurkkhas, Receuil Morbid and Lividity. We love this cover. It's exactly what we wanted for the album.

METALLIAN: Is the layout of the album the victim of a less than stellar printer? It is dark and masks the lyrics.
LUDO: Yes, it is a misprint error on behalf of the printer. At first we wanted it dark, but not as much as that. When we got the product it was too late to change anything.

METALLIAN: The band's sound emphasizes straightforward impact over technicality or time changes. Is this something that you set out to do consciously?
LUDO: Yes! We wanted a big big sound for this album. We left the technicality aside in order to emphasize the power and the brutality.

METALLIAN: Your biography also mentions how you have a "French touch." To what does this refer?
LUDO: In fact, we decided to put this line into our biography because many webzines wrote this after listening to our second demo. I can only really guess where they got that from. Maybe they attributed a French sound to us simply because we are French.

METALLIAN: The French scene is rather most under-rated. What is your take on the scene's low profile internationally?
LUDO: In fact, we agree! The problem is that the French metal scene lacks a real infrastructure. It is a lack of venues and can also be a lack of audience also. It is a pity because many French groups deserve a better status on the international scene.

METALLIAN: As a member of the scene it would be interesting to know which French bands you recommend.
LUDO: If people like to check out the latest and best bands in France, they should check out Receuil Morbid, Kronos, Depraved and Necroblaspheme. All these groups are really excellent. There is also a Canadian band I like called Martyr. My favourite band though is Slayer unmistakably.

METALLIAN: Let us address another issue. what were the challenges of playing death metal as a trio? Did these challenges prompt you to recruit more members?
LUDO: Yes, we are henceforth five in the group and I can assure you that it is better. We gave several concerts with this new line-up, notably with Yattering and Mess Age, and the reactions were incredible. Everybody got into it. We had a good result when five recreated what three used to play. It is really powerful.

METALLIAN: In the context of the new line-up, why did Jerome decide to leave?
LUDO: Jerome decided to leave us for personal reasons. He simply told us that that it annoyed him to travel so many kilometers to go to give a concert. That was all there was to that.

METALLIAN: Can you introduce the newer members then?
LUDO: As I mentioned to you previously Nico wanted to dedicate himself exclusively to singing. As a result, we recruited Julien who also plays in another group called Mogradem. Julien will also take care of the backing vocals as a replacement for Jerome and he has a whore of a voice! We have also recruited Sebastien on the drums. He also comes from Mogradem. Finally, Nico has joined the band as a second guitarist. He also plays in Repudiate.

METALLIAN: Ludo, thank you for your time. How about giving Metallian's readers the latest scoop on all things Carnal Lust?
LUDO: We are currently writing songs for our next album. We are also looking for dates for concerts to promote our album. At the moment I can't give you any concrete information about the next album except that it will be very bloody in every sense of the term (laughs again). We just began the writing process for it recently. All I would like to add is that stay carnal until your death!

That may be a little different from what your parents told you boys and girls, but given the band's musical assault might be a good advice to consider. Whore Of Violence is not to be found on every street corner, but may be procured from specialty establishments. Indulge!

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