Carnivore - 1985 - Roadrunner
Retaliation - 1987 - Roadrunner


S= Fallout, Repulsion, Sub Zero, Type O Negative>>PETRUS T. STEEL [PETER RATAJCZY]>>Repulsion, Sub Zero, Type O Negative
G= Keith Alexander>>Primal Scream, Dee Snider's SMF Do Twisted Sister - Marc Piovanetti>>Crumbsuckers, Retaliation
B= Fallout, Repulsion, Sub Zero, Type O Negative>>PETRUS T. STEEL [PETER RATAJCZY]>>Repulsion, Sub Zero, Type O Negative
D= Fallout, Agnostic Front>>Louie Bateaux


Who knew that one of the most right wing and anti-romantic NY thrash band would spawn the goth rock band Type O Negative? In fact, it was Steel's contract with Roadrunner for Carnivore, which forced him to release TON albums on RoadRunner. The band played some very harsh thrash metal with some very bizarre and entertaining lyrics and an equally interesting image. It was formed in 1982 and had a 1984 demo its name. The second album didn't match the debut's standards though. The label was supposed to release a third album and repeatedly announced it, but the band had fallen apart before long. There have been several reunion shows though. Original guitarist Alexander was killed in a bike accident on July 11th, 2005 in New York.

The band, with sole remaining original member Petrus Steele, reformed in April of 2006. The band was also booked for that year’s Wacken festival. The band, which now featured Peter Steele, Paul Bento (Metal Health Association) - guitar, vocals, Joey Zampela (Life Of Agony) - guitar, vocals and Steve Tobin (Metal Health Association, Ex-Dust To Dust) - drums, vocals has two more reunion shows planned for September in New York and New Jersey. Carnivore subsequently hit the road in the USA. The band hit Europe in the autumn of 2007. Guitarist Paul Bento played with Whiplash in January of 2010 in Virginia at the benefit concert for the missing girl Morgan Harrington. Her remains were later discovered in Virginia. Carnivore played a show on Saturday, May 20th 2017 at Bowery Electric in New York City as part of the Black N’ Blue Bowl 2017. The headliner was Cro-Mags. Carnivore’s guitarist Marc Piovanetti presented 30 Years Of Retaliation and paid tribute to the band’s dead founder Peter Steele.

Type O Negative and Carnivore singer Peter Steele died of reported heart failure on Wednesday, April 14th at 18:00 EST.