Black Shining Leather - 1998 - Avantgarde
Strange Old Brew - 2000 - Avantgarde
We Are Going To Hell For This - 2002 - Avantgarde
Defending The Throne Of Evil - 2003 - Season Of Mist
Fuck You All!!!! - 2006 - Season Of Mist
We’re Going To Hollywood For This - Live Perversions - 2009 - Metal Mind

Carpathian Forest image
World Destroyer, Grimm, Solo, Helvette>>R. NATTEFROST>>World Destroyer, Grimm, Solo, Helvette

World Destroyer, Grimm, Solo>>R. Nattefrost>>World Destroyer, Grimm, Solo - Satyricon, Blood Red Throne, Emperor, Green Carnation>>Tchort [Terje Vik Schei]>>Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne - Blood Pervertor [Goran Boman] – Faun, Vulture Lord, Beastcraft, Coffin Of Lament, Bloodsworn, Endezzma, Hagl, Svarttjern>>MALPHAS [THOMAS MYRVOLD]>>Bloodsworn, Endezzma, Hagl, Svarttjern - Repulsive Aggression, Svarttjern>>ERIK GAMLE>>Repulsive Aggression, Svarttjern

J. Nordavind - World Destroyer, Hate Pulse>>Vrangsinn>>World Destroyer, Hate Pulse - World Destroyer, Grimm, Solo>>R. NATTEFROST>>World Destroyer, Grimm, Solo – Visegard>>SLAKT [KJETIL DYVIK LØKSLI]>>Visegard

Solefald, Borknagar>>Lazare [Lars Nedland]>>Solefald, Borknagar - In The Woods, Green Carnation, Chain Collector, Den Saakaldte>>Anders Kobro>>Chain Collector, Den Saakaldte – Magister Templi>>AUDUN ULLELAND>>Magister Templi

History & Biography
A demo called Bloodlust & Perversion appeared as early as 1992. A second called Journey Through The Cold Moors Of Svarttjern appeared the year after. The band released a rough mini-album in 1995 through Avantgarde called Through Chasms Caves And Titan Woods. Black Shining Leather featured several Holocaust pictures although the band denied any Nazi tendencies. Nordavind left the band because his vision excluded interviews, good sound or concerts. The band uses some keyboards, but is quite extreme in its views as relating to women, violence and religion. Strange Old Brew and Morbid Fascination Of Death were the pieces of a two-album concept. Plans for an EP called The Fuck Cradle Of Filth EP fell through when the goth rockers' attorney contacted the band and its label! Don't expect CF to be too popular with other Norwegian acts either! To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Carpathian Forest issued We Are Going To Hell For This a double-CD featuring ten new songs on one disc and live songs on the other in 2002. The band also spent time in 2002 supporting Behemoth throughout Europe. Defending The Throne Of Evil was issued in March of 2003. It was recorded at Sound Suite Studio during the summer of 2002.

In March of 2003, Nattefrost announced that he has finished working on his solo album. He was looking for a label to release it.

In the spring of 2004, Nattefrost had an accident that left him with a broken collarbone. The band was slated to begin its trek as part of the No Mercy Festival, but Nattefrost was not allowed to fly and therefore only three members were present on the first dates of the tour.

The band placed the Bloodlust And Perversion demo, an unreleased song, live tracks and a video on one CD called Skjend Hans Lik in the summer of 2004. The band parted ways with bassist Vrangsinn in the beginning of 2007 and cancelled all pending shows. The band then supposedly entered the studio instead to record an album. However, after several years of inactivity and departure from the Season Of Mist roster the band was back with plans for shows and a new album in 2009. The band lost guitarist Tchort in 2009 after more than ten years of service. The band was still looking for a new deal and Tchort expected to found his own band. Metal Mind Productions presented a live album by Norwegian band Carpathian Forest in 2009. The album entitled We’re Going To Hollywood For This – Live Perversions featured a remastered recording of the band’s gig in Kraków in early 2004. This remastered edition was available in a digipak edition limited to 1,000 copies. The release date was scheduled for 19th of October in Europe and 26th of January 2010 in USA (through MVD). A 7”, called Likeim, was issued after years of inactivity through Indie Recordings in 2018. Four new members appeared on it.


Bluuurggh!!! Waaarheeeeaaddd! There is no doubt that these Norwegian wood dwellers are influenced by Venom and Celtic Frost. The primitive and raw nature of this musical desecration is an ode to the rawness of the early underground. But then, one can't help but feel that maybe, just maybe, the guys are putting us on. Could it be that they are having a laugh at our expense? How else would you explain titles like The Good Old Enema Treatment or He's Turning Blue? Who, their old school headmaster? The A&R at Avantgarde? As noted above, CF is mostly an elemental thrash'n bash black metal outfit. But then they slow down on The Suicide Song, play the theme to the movie Nekromatik and even horse around with a saxophone on an entire song. Excuse Me? It would be fun to meet these guys just to see if there is just a little hint of a smirk on their faces.

Carpathian Forest's latest album (featuring a recycled cover theme), and first for French label Season Of Mist, reminds me of why and how the band evokes mixed emotions. The band is clearly influenced by the more glorious, older bands of the black metal scene. Talk is of Mayhem, Celtic Frost and Bathory. The underlying sound is raw and the riffs genuine. The attitude, as encapsulated within songs like It's Darker Than You Think, Put To Sleep Like A Sick Animal, Christian Incoherent Drivel and The Well Of All Human Tears, is undeniably misanthropic. The band's heavier points are the sick vocals and the organic and raw drum sound - the occasional drum machine as on Cold Murderous Music excepted. Then the band introduces its constant keyboard whining and the odd saxophone or even an irritating free-form instrumental. So which is it? Is the band "True Norwegian Necro Black Metal" or diminished poser follower material? - Ali "The Metallian"

When it comes to the world of record sales black metal falls somewhere between avantgarde Tibetan chant CDs and non-bootleg Western rock CDs in the Moscow flea market. In other words, there is no way Carpathian Forest is shifting more than 10,000 copies of any one of its regular albums. So, can anyone explain why the band and label felt the need to release an album by the Norwegians featuring a ten year old demo, a live song, a couple of rough previews and alternate mixes? Moreover, In order to unequivocally mock themselves and the paying fans they have also added a nice extra touch, namely adorned this disc with the same cover as the band's last three discs. Now that is funny. Let us all observe a moment of silence in order to thank Carpathian Forest and Season Of Mist for helping out the recording industry out of its current dearth of quality releases. After all, there is such an undersupply of new releases nowadays. - Ali "The Metallian"


Carpathian Forest