Black Evil>>CASBAH - JAPAN

Bold Statement - 1997 - Toys Factory
Dinosaurs - 1998 - Toys Factory
Reach Out – 2015 – Bang The Head

Casbah image
S= Outrage, Slamming Avoid Nuts>>TAKA HATORI>>Outrage, Slamming Avoid Nuts

G= Ultimate Loudspeaker>>RYO MURAYAMA>>Ultimate Loudspeaker

B= Meat Head>>KOUICHI MITANI>>Meat Head

D= Takai Usui – Raging Fury>>SHU ISHIKAWA>>Raging Fury

History & Biography
These Japanese thrashers were formed by singer Hatori Taka and guitarist Kida Nariaki in 1983 and appeared on several compilations such as Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil and Heavy Metal Force 3. The band released a single called Russian Roulette in 1986 that brought the band some Western underground attention. Kida departed. The band has been on and off again and only released full-lengths in the late ‘90s. Dinosaurs comprised of re-recordings. The band and Idora had a split called Friction in 2018.

Shellshock released a new album, entitled Nothing Solves Nothing, in October 2022. One song featured Hatori Taka.