Mirrored Revelation - 2001 - Arctic
Instinct - 2005 - Metal Age

Celebratum image
S= Romul

G= Scython - Molde>>Morchyon – Metherra>>WHARRL [TORBJØRN SORKSTAD]>>Metherra

B= Telal - Vlad Tepes

D= Hellstorm, The Embraced, Blåhø, Legiones, Vecordious, Cor Scorpii>>VARGON [OLE NORDSVE]>>The Embraced, Blåhø, Legiones, Vecordious, Cor Scorpii

History & Biography
The Trondheim-based black metal band was formed in 1996 (using a different name, with Romul on bass and featuring drummer Stig) and proceeded to demolish two demos, Carpe Noctem of 1999 and Spirits of 2000. The band entered the Abyss Studio in late 2001 and recorded Mirrored Revelation, which was issued by Arctic Music. Four years later the band issued a second album, which was recorded at Godt Selskap Studio. A concert to celebrate the album’s release is cancelled when Vlad Tepes injured himself in an accident. Guitarist Morchyon left the fold in the spring of 2005. Vlad Tepes left in 2008. The band recorded material in 2010, lost it in a hard drive failure, re-recorded and went dark.


Celebratum’s album number two is a pure black metal album full of aggression that nonetheless never forgets to inject some melody and harmony within its bytes. While the band’s music is good given its authentic feeling, cruelty and grim style and the sound and distortion of the guitar, it is the vocals that take the putrid cake given the tormented nature of the shrieks and growls. Much like Aeternus’ music, Instinct ebbs and flows as heard on the extra melodic Sweet Wine, harmonic Riders Of Storm and the abrasive Act Of Insanity. Who can tell me what the cover photograph is? - Ali “The Metallian”