Under The Reign Of Terror And Tyranny - 1999 - Drakkar
Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre - 2002 - Full Moon
Frigidiis Apotheosia - Génèse De l'Abstinence - 2008 - Paragon


S= Genocide Commando, Gestapo 666, Peste Noir, Sick>>SIR NOCTU>>Genocide Commando, Gestapo 666, Peste Noir, Sick
G= Fureiss
B= Genocide Commando, Gestapo 666, Peste Noir, Sick>>SIR NOCTU>>Genocide Commando, Gestapo 666, Peste Noir, Sick
K= Fureiss


The project was formed in Marseilles in 1995 by Sir Noctu and a demo entitled Evanescence was recorded in the September of 1996 as a one-man effort. This recording was released by Drakkar Productions (where Noctu worked) a year later. It also became part of a split release with Russia's Draughwath.
The band had more demos and 7" EPS on different labels.
Greece's Mysticum Productions released Celestia's Crucified Dead Flesh LP in the summer of 2003. It contained the Cave Full Of Bats MCD plus previously unreleased studio track and five rehearsal tracks.
2003 brought the Dead Insekta Sequestration CD. The CD contained the band's sold out demo Dead Insecta Sequestration plus assorted other songs.
The group signed on to Paragon Records in 2006. The label re-issued the debut album Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre. In addition, the label would release the band’s latest album, Frigidiis Apotheosia - Génèse De l'Abstinence.


More than five years after its original release by Drakkar Productions of France (which is owned by Sir Noctu of the band), Paragon Records has picked the album up and given it a new luster.
Celestia, no matter what the monicker’s connotations, is simply beyond grim. The band is termed black metal, although overt Satanic lyrics are hard to come by. A better description for the Frenchmen would be dark and drab metal. Armed with a touch of doom Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre is a blazing hellfire of raw and distorted guitars played in simple terms and utilizing elementary chords. The power never fails as the guitarist’s tremolo picking gives the band added dynamism. This does not preclude wave after wave of melancholic dissuasion and impossibility. The vocals of Sir Noctu are full of derision and hatred. Titles like Perverted Decadent Dying Love, The Fragrance Of The Dead Rose and Nercromelancholic Reveries should speak for themselves.
Celestia could be the bastard child of Katatonia and Darkthrone spawned, begat and raised in an anti-romantic France. - Ali “The Metallian”