The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrow - 1992 - Horus
Riding Our Black Oceans - 1995 - Cyber
Epic Rites - 1996 - Oz
Saga Belica - 2002 - Oz

Cenotaph image
Daniel Corchado>>Chasm, Incantation - EDGARDO GOZALES

Pala - Julio - SAMI - EDUARDO

Daniel Corchado>>Chasm, Incantation - CURRO


History & Biography
Rise of Excruciation was released in 1989 which is the same year as the band's formation. Harmony Records of Brazil released the Tenebrous Apparitions 7" in 1990 and the band used the recording to appear on Cyber Records Appointment With Fear sampler. The Eternal Disgrace 7" followed and the band appeared on Pantalgia sampler of MBR. Mexico's Horus then signs the band. After their next album the band begins playing live with the likes of Deicide and Slayer. Following Epic Rites the band moves to the USA and plays shows like the Milwaukee Metal Fest. Unfortunately the band is then broken up only to reform with a new line up in 2000 looking to reclaim their entity. The Mexican death metal band has been increasingly veering towards a Swedish Gothenburg sound. Please note the multitude of other namesakes on the metal scene. Saga Belica was produced by Harris Johns in Germany.

On September 24th The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrow, the debut from Mexican death metal band, would be made available for the first time on vinyl through Chaos Records. Originally recorded in May of 1992 by Hans Mues at Estudios Tequila in Mexico City, this vinyl reissue had been fully remastered by Roberto Granados at Seismic Sound Studio.


It is bittersweet to review an album by a band which has already gone to metal heaven. Such is the case with Mexico's Cenotaph. After a decade of contribution to the metal underground, band leader and drummer Oscar has decided to hang up the battle armour and allow the Cenotaph to become a monument to the fallen. So what does the band's swan song sound like? Despite Oz Records' characterization of the album as 'brutal death metal,' the album, produced by Harris Johns in Germany, is a guitar-oriented mix of death with thrash metal. We can safely put thoughts of Suffocation and Cryptopsy to rest. Cenotaph is closer to the heavier moments of Testament, the Disincarnate debut, At The Gates and Spain's Deathless. The production favours the singer, although the guitarists clearly have a thing or two to say here. The singer yells, shrieks and growls as the rest of the band keeps up the pace to a moderately fast most of the time. This is an angry album recommended to deathrash fans.