Arise The Empire - 1999 - Scarlet
Hyper Martyrium - 2000 - Scarlet
Non Plvs Vltra – 2002 - Scarlet
Invulnerable – 2005 – Dragonheart
V – 2015 - SG

Centurion image
S= Scala Mercalli>>Germano Quintaba>>Kalashnikov - ROBERTO "ROBO" CENCI

G= Scala Mercalli>>FABIO MONTI - Luciano Monti - LEONARDO POSTACCHINI

B= Massimilliano Ricci>>Deliverance - Allegra Combricca, Scala Mercalli, Resurrecturis>>GIANLUCA MANDOLESI>>Resurrecturis

D= Caladbolg>>Sebastiano Massetti - Emanuele Beccacece>>De Toi, EyeHate - GIOVANNI PEZZOLA

History & Biography
The group came together in 1998. Centurion prided itself on its heavy and speed metal influences. The rhythm section saw a complete overhaul between the first and second albums. There was a ten-year pause between albums four and five.


Here comes another fruit of Necropolis' new licensing agreement: an Italian speed metal band of whom I had never heard a thing. I am actually glad the CD found its way in my direction, for the band manages to impress and that's saying a lot seeing that these guys are Italian (witness the album title's English!). The album kicks off with Centurion, a pure example of speed metal, full of gusto and energy. As the fast guitars bruise and slash their way it soon becomes clear that Centurion hold higher standards than most of their compatriots. Over all the best description for the band is a Painkiller-era Priest gone speed metal. It's a great description and one that they should concentrate on given the propensity of the band to do a little Poptera (ouch) from time to time. Stay the course, get a better sound and for heaven's sake check with someone who knows English next time! - Ali "The Metallian"