Life Sucks And Then You Die - 1988 - Vinyl Solution
Tower Of Spite - 1990 - Roadrunner
Bastards - 1991 - Roadrunner
Death Erotica - 1992 - Under One Flag
Disaster Of Reality – 2016 - Xtreem

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Simon Forrest - Absolution>>NEIL HADDEN>>Absolution

Colosotomy>>GREGG FELLOWS>>Colosotomy - TONY WARBURTON

Napalm Death, Sacrilege, Benediction>>Frank Healey>>Benediction, Memoriam - NIGEL JOINER>>Absolution

Sacrilege, Arbitrater, Cathedral, Warwound>>Andy Baker>>Cathedral, Sacrilege, Warwound - Arbitrater, Metal Messiah, The Varukers, The Backstreet Abortions>>Kevin Frost>>The Varukers, Metal Messiah, The Backstreet Abortions, The Backstreet Abortions

History & Biography
Cerebral Fix was an English doom/death band which came to popularity during the third rise of English metal along with the likes of Benediction and Paradise Lost.

The Birmingham-based band toured with label-mates Bolt Thrower following the release of the debut and signed to Roadrunner consequently. Inevitably, the group reunited in late 2006 and was to play a show called Cunstock Festival in England in 2007. The band’s line-up was Simon Forrest – vocals, Tony Warburton and Gregg Fellows – guitar, Frank Healy – bass and Neil Farrington – drums. Bassist Frank Healey however soon left the recently reunited band. The band recruited bassist Scott Fairfax of Life Denied. Fairfax and Healy would join a new band called Memoriam. Neil Hadden became the singer as of 2016. Forrest had left in 2014. Chris Hatton was on third guitar. Disaster Of Reality was out in late summer 2016. Xtreem promoted it so well that the band decided to split up again in 2017. Fairfax joined Massacre in 2020. Joiner joined Absolution too. Early bassist Paul Adams was also in Absolution after departing Benediction in 1991.



Cerebral Fix