Life Sucks And Then You Die - 1988 - Vinyl Solution
Tower Of Spite - 1990 - Roadrunner
Bastards - 1991 - Roadrunner
Death Erotica - 1992 - Under One Flag


S= Simon Forrest
G= Colosotomy>>GREGG FELLOWS>>Colosotomy - TONY WARBURTON
B= Napalm Death, Sacrilege, Benediction>>Frank Healey>>Benediction, Memoriam
D= Sacrilege, Arbitrater, Cathedral, Warwound>>Andy Baker>>Cathedral, Sacrilege, Warwound - Metal Messiah, Varukers>>Kevin Frost>>Varukers


Cerebral Fix was an English doom/death band which came to popularity during the third rise of English metal along with the likes of Benediction and Paradise Lost.

The Birmingham-based band toured with label-mates Bolt Thrower following the release of the debut and signed to Roadrunner consequently. Inevitably, the group reunited in late 2006 and was to play a show called Cunstock Festival in England in 2007. The band’s line-up was Simon Forrest – vocals, Tony Warburton and Gregg Fellows – guitar, Frank Healy – bass and Neil Farrington – drums. Bassist Frank Healey however soon left the recently reunited band. The band recruited bassist Scott Fairfax of Life Denied. Fairfax and Healy would join a new band called Memoriam. Neil Hadden became the singer as of 2016. Forrest had left in 2014. Chris Hatton was on third guitar.



Cerebral Fix