Smell The Saw - 2004 - World Chaos
Metal Missionary - 2009 - Meat Rackords

Chainsaw image
S= Wrok>>AIKE
B= Magnus – Quinz – Last Restraint, Reviver, Forever Mortal>>TOM HEEMSKERK>>Reviver, Forever Mortal

Abominations was formed in 1996. Changing names to Chainsaw, the band sported a classical metal look and feel and appeared on the scene with the tongue-in-cheek Tropical Storm Tour 2002 demo. The demo was recorded in the banana republic of Bonaire. Another demo called Chainsaw Is The Law followed in 2003. The band signed with Japan's World Chaos Production and issued its debut in the summer of 2004. The debut full-length album was recorded at Voodoo Sound Studio by Paul van Rijswijk. The first edition came with a patch. The band’s second album appeared in 2009 and featured bassist Quinz. Chainsaw, Picture, Tokyo Blade, Exciter and Tygers Of Pan Tang were some of the bands at 2009’s Heavy Metal Maniacs festival, scheduled for October 23rd and 24th at Manifesto in Hoorn, Holland.

16 Years Down The Meat Aisle was a 2013 demo LP. Live From The Apocalypse 22-12-2012: The Plague/Lighttube Deathmatch was a split with PPTA in 2013.

The band played the Extreme Metal Attack fest in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017 and a show with Vortex and Sad Iron and went quiet.


How many newer metal fans will appreciate this is up in the air, but fans of the old school underground metal of the '80s will love Chainsaw's debut album. The Dutch quartet takes its cues mainly from Venom given the vocals, riffing and wild attitude, although traces of Exodus' Bonded By Blood and Tankard also come to light as the CD progresses. The band has that genuine metal sound that could have emanated from a New Renaissance Records' release, but the sound is obviously more modern. The lyrics are partly evil, partly horny and partly political seeing how the band has a song about George Bush called The Butcher Of Baghdad. The photography is also quite apt and perfectly suited to the moniker. Of all the songs Dead And Buried and Never Surrender are the best, while She Just Wants To Get Laid has a rock and roll feel and the outro is not to be missed. Move over Jackyl. Here comes Chainsaw! - Ali "The Metallian"