Summoning Black Gods – 2012 – F.D.A.
The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art – 2015 – F.D.A.
…And We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye – 2018 - Vån

Chapel Of Disease image
S= Infernäl Death>>LAURENT TEUBL>>Infernäl Death
G= Infernäl Death, Blackwhole>>CEDRIC TEUBL>>Infernäl Death, Blackwhole - Infernäl Death>>LAURENT TEUBL>>Infernäl Death
B= Grabnebelfürsten>>CHRISTIAN KRIEGER
D= Infernäl Death>>DAVID DANKERT>>Infernäl Death

In 2012, FDA Rekotz announced the signing of Chapel Of Disease, a young German band from Cologne. Their first demo Death Evoked would be released on Friday, April 13th on cassette and limited to 166 hand-numbered copies. A full-length album was also expected that year. The band was compared to Asphyx and Morgoth. The band was formed in 2008. It also had a 2012 split release with Lifeless called Chapel Of A Lifeless Cult. The band was booked for Eindhoven Metal Meeting in 2020.

No word on whether the band’s monicker was inspired by a corporate headquarter or a stock market.



Chapel Of Disease